Candice Keller, Ohio State Rep. Blames Mass Shootings On Homosexuality, Open Borders, Barack Obama, And Video Games — Amid Backlash, She Refuses To Quit

Candice Keller Blames Gay Marriage For Dayton Ohio Mass Shooting

According to Candice Keller, a lawmaker from Ohio, gay marriage and “drag queen advocates” have been responsible for the Dayton, Ohio massacre.

The attack, committed by a 24-year-old Connor Betts with an assault rifle, took the lives of nine people including the attacker’s sister, Megan Betts, 22.

Keller wrote a scathing post on social media, accusing liberals of trying to shift the blame whenever an attack like this happens.

And ironically, she then proceeded to do exactly that herself, claiming that “drag queen advocates” have been responsible for the attack, along with violent video games and inappropriate school policies.

The state rep. wrote in a Facebook post: “After every mass shooting, the liberals start the blame game. Why not place the blame where it belongs?”

She also added children who were raised without fathers to the list and claimed that American society has some issues which require immediate attention at this point.

Keller also pointed out that she was seeing a growing amount of hatred towards veterans, and accused the current culture of ignoring the importance of God and the church.

Many have been critical of her statement, pointing out that the nation should be moving in a direction opposite to the ideas that she has proposed, and some even going as far as to accuse her of being very outdated in the way she thinks.

Candice Keller Dayton Ohio Mass Shooting

It is not the first time Keller has made such statements either, as the politician has a history of making provocative statements that have drawn much negative attention to her.

At the same time, she does not seem to have much awareness about the way people see her comments and has continued dropping them for quite some time.

Butler County Republican Party chairman Todd Hall slammed the statements and added: “Some want to politicize these events, and I cannot condone such comments and behavior.”

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones also shared on Twitter: “Shame shame shame Candice Keller.”

Many people have called on the controversial politician to resign from her position, but it seems that she has no plans to do so. She is now running to become a state senator.

She responded to the backlash by saying: “Establishment moderates have never been fans of mine because I ran against their endorsement and won. As the only conservative in this race, I will be taking my Senate campaign to the voters to decide.”

Critics keep pouncing. One commenter revealed: “First of all I love gay men, my son is gay. For the last 8 years, after he came out, we have watched Drag race together. I challenge anyone to watch the show and not hear the constant message of love and acceptance. Period. She clearly has not seen a single episode. You guys save lives, not hurt them. Carry on♥️.”

A second person added: “Republicans: Democrats need to stop trying to politicize these deaths to push their anti-gun agenda… Also Republicans: drag queens, PC culture, homosexuals, mental illness, and video games are responsible for these shootings, also if everyone prayed more, and we hadn’t strayed so far from the word of God as a nation this wouldn’t be happening. Also, teachers should carry guns.”

A shocked citizen explained: “Look I’m a straight man and I own guns and one was stolen and used in a homicide miles away and it hurt me that it happened and I hate the America that I live in due to the hate.”

Despite going viral, some experts do not believe that this controversy has staying power.


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