Man Bets His Wife In Poker Game, Loses Bet, And Lets His Friends Gang-Rape Her TWICE

Husband Bets Wife India Poker

Reports from India indicate that a poker game ended in disaster for a man and his wife in Uttar Pradesh after he reportedly ran out of money and decided to put up his significant other as a bet.

In the end, the man, who drank a lot and has a gambling problem, lost again and had to submit his wife to his poker partners for a horrific gang-rape assault.

The incident took place in the man’s house in the district of Jaunpur district, where he called the other two, a friend and a relative respectively named Arun and Anil.

The woman then tried to run to the house of her uncle, while her husband was begging for an apology.

However, he then went on to repeat the horrific act, allowing the two men to rape his wife yet again as they were driving back home — he had stopped on the side of the road.

Police were initially reluctant to even take a report about the case, claiming that it was a questionable situation.

In the end, they still decided to take a statement from the woman and noted her complaints after she had taken them to court.

It is not clear how the case is moving along at this point and whether the woman is going to see any real justice for what she has had to endure.

Many have cried out in disgust over the incident, and it has also prompted some discussions about local cultural issues and similar topics.

In the meantime, it is still not known who precisely the man behind the whole situation is, as his identity has remained a secret for now.

More details about the case have been coming out at a slow pace, and it will likely take a while until people interested in the incident see the full picture behind what went down.

Commenters on social media are angry and hope that all those involved in this mistreatment, (including the police), will be severely punished. However, some have argued that this happens quite often in some areas of the country.

India is facing a lot of problems when it comes to violence against women and girls, and despite the usual outrage, it is not clear that politicians are doing much to deal with this issue.


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