New Jersey Doctor, Who Changed His Plans At The Last Minute, Falls To His Death While Taking A Photo During Spain Vacation With Fiancée — He Had Just Landed A Big Job

Kristi Kelly Daniel Sirovich Ibiza

The life of a doctor from New Jersey was just going perfectly, as he had started his dream job and was getting ready to marry his partner, but things ended in tragedy when Dr. Daniel Sirovich, 34, fell to his death while on vacation in Ibiza.

The doctor and his fiancée, Kristi Kelly, originally from Staten Island, were exploring a cliff when he plunged more than 80 feet to his death. He was trying to take a photo.

It is assumed that he slipped, although there have been no official confirmations explaining the exact circumstances that led to his demise.

An off-duty nurse, who was present at the time of the sad incident, attempted to help, but it was too late as he had died on impact. A helicopter rapidly arrived and airlifted him to a nearby hospital, but it was all in vain.

Friends of Dr. Sirovich have set up a GoFundMe page to support his family, and many have come forward with tragic accounts of what a great person he apparently was during his life.

Gui Ramos, who is is organizing the fundraiser on behalf of Dr. Sirovich’s family, including his mother, Tanya Calhau, and father Junior Calhau, shared an update where he thanked the people who came forward and made generous donations for the hefty cost of the funeral and wrote kind messages: “We are speechless with the amount of support Danny and his family have received during these hard times… Over 300 donations helped to raise more than $35,000, in less than 24 hours, and it’s still increasing. I thank each and every one of you who have reached out, shared the GoFundMe page, or donated to help us bring Dannyboy back home for a proper funeral that he deserves.”

Daniel Sirovich Kristi Kelly Ibiza Spain

He went on to say: “Unfortunately it takes something of this scale to happen, to remind us how there are good people out there willing to help those when they need it the most. Thank you on behalf of his family & friends! We will keep everyone posted on more details once we know information for the wake and the funeral.”

The man had been engaged to his fiancée for several years now, and the two were just gearing up to get married in 2020.

The couple only extended their trip at the last minute because a music festival that they were supposed to attend in England got canceled.

Additionally, Dr. Sirovich had recently managed to land a job opportunity — he was set to start working in an intensive care unit in Boston.

His death has taken many by surprise, and social media has been full of comments from his friends and relatives after the incident.

Many have also expressed their words of support for his fiancée.


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