Ellen DeGeneres Reacts To ‘Mean’ Rumors Tarnishing Her Brand As America’s Most Beloved TV Host: Report

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It appears that Ellen DeGeneres is getting increasingly frustrated with the ongoing gossip suggesting the famous TV host might not be such a nice person when she is off-camera.

According to a person close to the 62-year-old television personality, her patience was already running thin, and she was “at the end of her rope” since she could not understand why the negative stories about her kept gaining momentum.

Apparently, in the beginning, DeGeneres thought that the allegations against her were just the product of a few people who did not like her, and the stories would just go away in time, but she was quite surprised when the pieces of gossip about her kept piling up.

Besides, an ex-employee of DeGeneres’s team recently stated that everything being told about the comedian was true, and it was irritating when people thought she was sweet and kind.

A person told the New York Post: “The stories are all true. Is she always nice? No. It irritates me that people think she’s all sweetness and light, and she gets away with it.”

The first rumors about DeGeneres being mean started swirling back in March when Kevin T. Porter posted a message on Twitter asking for interesting stories related to DeGeneres.

As a result, the comic soon received numerous complaints all saying that the TV host was very rude.

Meanwhile, DeGeneres’s reputation was further ruined when at the beginning of April, she complained of being confined to her home due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic crisis and compared self-isolation to doing time.

She said: “This is like being in jail. Mostly because I’ve been wearing the same clothes for ten days, and everyone in here is gay.”

However, following the comment, DeGeneres faced heavy backlash, as a lot of people deemed her words as insensitive and inappropriate given the fact that she was quarantining in a luxurious mansion.

Via Twitter, a critic had this reaction: “Ellen, you quarantining in your mansion in designer sweats is nothing like a prison.”

One person made this remark: “What a great look for Ellen as thousands of people sit in actual jail cells just hoping for the best without soap and basic protections.”

Variety reported that DeGeneres’s current staff of 20 people is angry because there has been “no communication” about their salary or their jobs for the past month.

The show’s crew is also upset that the TV host has hired a non-union tech company to film new episodes from home, while allegedly reducing the salaries of her employees.

DeGeneres is rumored to be making $77 million per year with her talk show and has a net worth of $330million.


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