Jubilant Prince William Shares This Happy News About Himself And Kate Middleton With A Stranger

Prince William Kate Middleton Happy Schools Return

Prince William is a very happy man because the wish he made five months ago has finally come true.

The future king of England is over the moon to announce that his two oldest children — Prince George, seven, and Princess Charlotte, five, are heading back to school.

Like millions of students around the planet, Kate Middleton‘s children had been stuck at home and were forced to adapt to distance learning because of the coronavirus.

Kate and William’s youngest child, Prince Louis, two, is not yet in school.

The siblings will be retuning to Thomas’s School in Battersea, much to the delight of William, who is now stress-free.

While talking in Belfast to mark Emergency Services Day, William confessed to a police officer: “I think every parent is breathing a sigh of relief that school has started again. Five months – it’s been wonderful, but it’s been a long five months.”

Despite being overwhelmed during the long lockdown with all three energetic children, William recently made an appearance on That Peter Crouch podcast, where he gleefully spoke about his son, George, who is a huge soccer fan.

William explained that he lets his children make their own choices so they can be happy.

He added: “I’m trying not to persuade him to be a Villa fan – I’m letting him choose his own way. It’s about finding what fits for him.”

He went on to say: “Previously I was a bit concerned about him supporting Chelsea, but now Frank’s come in, I feel the culture’s a bit different at Chelsea, and I’d be ok with it. I do like the values and the ethos of the club. I want them to look after the players and set a good example to the young fans. When they go to the match, I want our children to come away loving what they’ve seen, enjoying it, and seeing their role models behave in a way that we’d all want them to.”

Many are applauding William’s parenting style. A royal supporter penned this note: “You have a lovely family, and you both present yourselves as future king and queen.you should be very proud.”

This Instagrammer told the power couple: “What great parents! And William continuing what is wonderful mother taught him to do-to not hide from reality. They had her just long enough to impress so very very important valuable life lessons upon them. William has grown into a fantastic father, husband and royal. Great for you, William! Great for you!”

Rumors have been flying around, claiming that William and Kate might be expecting royal baby number four.


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