Kelsey Grammer Blasts Ex-Wife ‘RHOBH’ Star Camille Grammer — Fans Think They Are Both Awful

Camille Grammer Kelsey Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

While it has generally been no secret that Kelsey Grammer is not too fond of his ex-wife, Camille Grammer, he has mostly reserved his opinions on the matter to himself until now.

The 64-year-old Frasier actor has been relatively quiet on that front, and despite reports that he was more vocal in private, he had managed to maintain an air of decency around his attitude to his former wife.

Recently though, he has decided to open up a little and has been very critical of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star in a recent statement delivered during an interview.

He stated: “Honestly, I don’t really talk about her very much, because so much of her life is spent talking about me, and I just think it’s sort of pathetic.”

Mr. Grammer continued with: “A month after I had a heart attack, my mother died — 12 years ago now — the day of my mother’s funeral, my third wife basically had an explosion about something. And she started telling me, ‘I’m out of this, I’m out of here. I want a divorce, blah, blah, blah, which, we’d had the same conversation for eight years, and it was tiresome.”

He also explained: “I realized at that moment that I was done with her, that I was not going to end up in this relationship for much longer. And somewhere under a year [later], I was done.”

The whole thing came in a bit unexpected but seems to have answered a few questions for observers.

At this point, it is pretty clear that there is practically no hope of these two getting close together ever again.

According to Mr. Grammer, he had been thinking about breaking up for quite a while before it happened.

He claimed that his ex-wife was getting increasingly more annoying in his eyes, constantly threatening him with a breakup and, in his opinion, trying to manipulate his emotions.

At some point, he had decided that he had had enough and decided to call it quits himself.

This kind of development was not exactly what his ex expected, but he had made up his mind by then.

And it looks like the decision to be quiet about the breakup on the public front has been quite deliberate – Grammer needed some time to sort things out and figure out how to address the situation publicly.

The former couple has two children together, and they were married for 13 years between 1997 and 2010.

TV fans slammed Kelsey for his comments and some commenters even described the two of them as not nice people.

One person stated: “She talks shit about him all the time. They are both narcissistic brats.” Another commenter replied: “They are both douchebags so they deserved each other.”

It is not clear that the diss accomplished anything in terms of positive PR.


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