Accused Killer Of Woman, Who Secretly Filmed Her Murder, Remains In Jail As His Mother Faces Some Serious Charges Too

Kevin Dixon India Mackey Detroit Van Video

India Elise Mackey, 20, was killed on November 19, and the alleged killer, Kevin Dixon, 18, remains in jail. He is facing charges of first-degree murder and felony weapons.

The defense, represented by Susan Dunn, has asked for a delay as it reviews including an incriminating video.

For observers, the tragic case of a woman who was fatally shot inside a van got some positive developments, as it looks like the victim had managed to secretly record a video showing her alleged killer wiping his fingerprints off bullets and his gun, before loading the pistol and aiming it at her.

Dixon can be heard saying in the clip: “You think I’m f—ing playing, huh? Gonna hit you with these big hollow tip 45′s, gonna eat your [expletive] up.” Mackey was reportedly shot and killed not long after the video was taken.

The footage was captured inside a van near the couple’s home in Detroit, Michigan, and shows the man threatening the woman to shoot her while loading his gun intently.

The woman’s quick thinking has given prosecutors a lot to work with.

Dixon reportedly used her phone to call his mother, asking her for help in getting rid of the gun that he had used to commit the murder.

He then took off with the van, while the woman was still bleeding inside.

At some point, authorities pulled over the van and noticed the woman bleeding next to the driver.

She was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital where she was rushed after the tragic incident.

Authorities had immediately taken Dixon into custody, and he is now facing a life sentence if he ends up convicted of the horrific assault.

Many details are still coming out slowly, and authorities have urged anyone with more information about the case to step forward and assist them in their investigation, which is still ongoing.

The suspect’s mother, Nikita Lanise Dixon, 42, is facing charges of tampering with evidence and accessory after the fact to a felony. She could face up to five years in prison for her involvement in the tragic incident.

One commenter stated: “How is the mom charged with an accessory? He did that on his own. This is fuc–ed up tho. Lil mama probably thought he was playing. Or this probably didn’t even happen the same day. They just used the video to convict him.”

The case made a lot of noise on social media and the next court date is set for December 11.


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