Mother Of Tessa Majors Murder Suspect Allegedly Stabbed Another Woman Over A Decade Ago As Investigators Focus On DNA To Win The Case

Katima Minton's Son Tessa Majors' Suspect Stabbing Past

According to recent information, the prime suspect’s mother, in the case of the brutal murder of the Barnard College freshman, Tessa Majors, had records of violence in her past.

For the time being, it believed that a 14-year-old boy is the one responsible for stabbing the late college student to her death, and it recently became known that his 35-year-old mother, Katima Minton had done the same as her son thirteen years ago.

Apparently, during the summer of 2006, Minton was detained by authorities after she tried to stab a female with a knife while the two women were shouting at each other in Jamaica, Queens.

As it was revealed by police officers that were there at the time, Minton jumped to attack the other woman unexpectedly, which resulted in a slash on the shoulder for her victim.

The hurt female, whose name was held a secret, was later admitted at a medical institution for her wound and made a full recovery.

Following the fight, Minton was taken into custody and consequently accused of illegal possession of a weapon and physical assault.

So far, it remains unclear how it went in court for her, but allegedly, during the time of the incident, Minton was 21 years old and had already given birth to her son.

Meanwhile, the current theories of the investigators of the murder of Majors suggest that Minton’s son reportedly stabbed his victim in the process of robbing her.

For the time being, it is believed that the late student tried to fight back her attackers and bit one of them, who, in turn, struck back.

Commenters online have mixed reactions. One of them stated: “That’s what I’m saying I feel like it wasn’t him bc this just don’t make any sense.”

A second person added: “Everything is not a “When They See Us” situation 🙄. Some of these teens really are little pieces of work with young ass parents turning up all the time instead of teaching their spawns right from wrong.”

Authorities are hoping that DNA evidence will help convict the three suspects in the Majors murder case.

A source told the New York Times: “An official with knowledge of the investigation said the police were banking on pending DNA results they hoped would allow prosecutors to charge all three of the minors suspected of attacking Ms. Majors on Dec. 11 in Morningside Park, near the Columbia University campus.”

The next few weeks will be crucial in the case.


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