Mackenzie Lueck’s Murder Suspect Ayoola Ajayi Charged In 2018 Sexual Abuse Of Another Woman

Mackenzie Lueck Ayoola Ajayi Murder Suspect New Charges

After the murder of Mackenzie Lueck, a college student from Utah, more information came to light that painted suspect Ayoola Ajayi‘s situation in an even more grim light.

According to the Salt Lake district attorney, the 31-year-old man has been charged with a series of new charges including one count of aggravated kidnapping and three counts of forcible sex abuse.

On June 28, the former Army IT specialist was arrested for the murder of Lueck. The authorities revealed that Lueck died from blunt force trauma to the head.

It has been confirmed that Ajayid tried to sexually abuse another woman whose initials are KW. Ajayi met the woman in March 2018 on a dating app and they decided to see each and have dinner.

According to prosecutors, the woman had a night in hell with Ajayi. She said after one “in-person meeting,” Ajayi invited her “to his home to cook her dinner.”

Court documents state. “Following dinner, KW and Ajayi began watching television on Ajayi’s couch at which point Ajayi placed his arm around KW and began kissing her,”

He also tried to touch her “between her legs.” And when she tried to escape, he “pinned her down on the couch against her will” and “placed his hand on her thigh and skirt and began grinding on her, pressing his penis against her vagina over the clothes.”

Ajayi also grabbed her breasts and bit her and “caused her significant pain, and left bruising and bite marks.” The woman was able to escape from Ajayi’s house, but it is not known how.

Authorities have reportedly uncovered large volumes of child pornography on the man’s computer, and he is now being charged with multiple counts of sexual exploitation of minors.

His computer has been taken away as part of the ongoing investigation into Lueck’s murder, which is how authorities were able to come across the materials in the first place.

The man was initially charged with murder and kidnapping and is now facing multiple other charges on top of the original ones. He has not made any official pleas for his current charges.

However, authorities still do not know exactly who produced the pornography found on his computer, and whether the man has any direct link to that or not.

His possession of those materials in the first place was enough to trigger a massive investigation into the situation, though, and it looks like he is going to spend some time behind bars for now.

The victim’s body was recovered in June, and she was found with her arms bound behind her back.

The young woman was killed by blunt force trauma to the head, but the exact circumstances of her death are still under active investigation.

Authorities have refused to comment on some of the details surrounding the incident, although they have alluded to the fact that there is more to the situation than the public is hearing right now.


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