Alabama Teenagers Die In Christmas Day Car Crash — Amid Mourning, Locals Are Looking for Answers

Addyson Martin Cassidy Dunn Emilee Fain Alabama Cheerleaders

A tragic accident that took place on Christmas Day left Alabama mourning as three 16-year-old teens, including a cheerleader, from Geneva High School, lost their lives, and two suffered injuries as the SUV in which they were traveling went off-road and crashed into a large oak tree.

So far, it remains unclear who the driver was, but the three teenagers who sat in the front of the vehicle, Addyson Martin, Emilee Fain, and Cassidy Dunn, all passed away.

The other two girls, who were sitting in the back seats, were injured but still alive.

However, it was reported that one of them was hospitalized due to being in serious condition, but she was expected to make a full recovery in time.

According to police, the teenagers first attended a Christmas party, before allegedly taking off to visit a friend somewhere else.

For the time being, it is still a mystery what caused the driver of the vehicle to lose the road and crash into the tree.

Lt. Michael McDuffie stated that one possible explanation would be if a deer ran out in front of the car and caused the person behind the wheel to lose control of the vehicle.

The official stated: “We’re not sure for what reason they lost control, but it hit a big oak tree. It could have been a deer ran out in front of them.”

Following the tragedy, some measures have been taken to help students and families to cope with the unexpected loss of the three young girls.

It was also announced that the First Baptist Church of Geneva would open its sanctuary, and ministers would be within reach for moral support.

For the time being, all of the affected families refrain from making public comments and have kept their grief private.

A funeral service for Dunn took place at the First Baptist Church on Saturday. It was followed by one for Fain on Sunday. Martin’s funeral will be held on Monday.

The small Alabama town that is close to Florida is still in disbelief over what has happened.

Michele Slay, Dunn’s aunt, stated: “This is the Lifetime movie you watch on TV, but that really never happens. This isn’t supposed to happen to us.”

While some are mourning, others are focused on getting the driver’s identity to see if they were any kinds of distraction involved before the tragic incident.

This information could lead to other ramifications.


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