Drunk Subway Passenger Arrested After Being Caught On Video Licking Fingers And Rubbing Them On Poles Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Belgium Man Coronavirus Subways Licking

It seems like some people just are not able to take the global coronavirus pandemic situation seriously, as a video from Belgium has recently emerged, showing a man in an intoxicated state licking his finger and rubbing it on a handle pole, much to the disgust of onlookers.

It seems like that was not the first incident to transpire either, as the person recording the video appears to have had their attention on the offender for some time.

The Twitter user who posted the shocking video, which eventually went viral, noted that people should stop committing such disgusting acts and should stick to being responsible human beings about the whole situation.

The social media user captioned the video: “[Look at this person] who is surely contaminated with coronavirus is doing to the bars of public transport! Don’t touch the bars anymore!”

The clip caught the attention of Belgium’s transport authority, the Societe des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles (STIB-MBIV), and they were able to identify the man and arrested him for his dangerous behavior.

The Belgian police said this in a statement: “The man (intoxicated) was arrested by the police and our security service. The subway train was withdrawn from service to be disinfected. Thank you for your message. Our metros are cleaned every day.”

There have been reports indicating that the video has been taken down, but it has nevertheless managed to spread all over the Internet quickly, turning into a sensation at a sensitive time when many are worried about the implications of such acts on their health.

Meanwhile, the world continues to slowly enter a “pause” mode, as one country after another has been declaring states of emergency, urging their citizens to be more responsible and to take the problematic developments more seriously.

The Belgian tram rider is not the first incident that has painted the situation in a worrying light, but thankfully, it seems that most people are aware of the implications of the coronavirus pandemic and have been willing to contribute to the situation in a positive way by washing their hands and staying home.

It remains to be seen how things will develop from here.


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