Former Corrections Officer Facing Years In Prison For Having Sex With An Inmate By Making A Hole In Her Uniform

Tina Gonzalez Fresno Corrections Officer Photos

Tina Gonzalez‘s desire to be with bad boys has landed her behind bars. Gonzalez, a former 26-year-old California corrections officer, has been arrested after a lengthy investigation concluded that she had sex with an inmate as 11 other prisoners watched.

The woman, who worked as a Fresno County correctional officer, decided to cut a hole in her uniform to make it easier to have sex with the imprisoned male whose identity was not revealed.

Authorities started to look into Tina Gonzalez’s illegal and bizarre activities after receiving a tip from other staff members about a prisoner who was bragging about having sex with the officer.

The inmate also told others that he had illegally obtained a cell phone to communicate with people outside. It was revealed that Gonzalez kept in contact via telephone with her jailbird lover even after she was caught.

This week, Tina Gonzalez appeared at her sentencing hearing where she was told that she has a “depraved mind” and her actions were disgusting.

Tina Gonzalez was slammed by her former boss, Assistant Sheriff Steve McComas, during the hearing.

He explained that after 26 years on the job, he had seen many “pretty disgusting things” but nothing as shocking as the reports of Gonzalez’s sex session in full view of other inmates.

McComas shared: “She took an oath which she betrayed and in doing so endangered her coworkers’ lives. But she has shown no remorse. She continually calls and has sexually explicit conversations with the inmate in question and boasts about the crimes she carried out.”

Her defense attorney, Martin Taleisnik, said in court that she took full responsibility for her actions.

He also revealed that Gonzalez landed in the predicament because she felt vulnerable after her marriage recently ended.

Taleisnik stated: “It was never her intention to bring any harm or danger to the employees in the jail or anyone else in the jail.”

Judge Michael Idiart scolded yet showed compassion for Gonzalez by saying: “What you did was terrible, stupid, and you have ruined your career. But I also believe that people can redeem themselves, and you have the rest of your life to do that.”

Gonzalez landed the job as a correctional officer in 2016 and was removed from her post in 2019 when the investigation began.

A remorseful Gonzalez pleaded no contest to a felony count of sexual activity by a detention facility employee with a consenting confined adult.

She was also slapped with a felony count of possession of drugs or an alcoholic beverage in a jail facility and a misdemeanor count of possession of a cellular device with intent to deliver to an inmate.

Gonzalez is facing a maximum of three years and eight months behind bars.


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