Kate Middleton And Prince William’s Children Are Mocked In Controversial Video — Angry Royal Fans React

Kate Middleton Prince William Their Children

There is a new show about the royal family, and many believe that it will anger Kate Middleton and Prince William.

The already-controversial series called The Prince is set to air on the HBO Max streaming service in early 2021 and will center on Kate and William’s three children — Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

However, Gary Janetti, the creator of the show, will mainly focus on Prince George. The program will have Janetti doing the voice of George and Orlando Bloom will take on the role of Prince Harry.

Meanwhile, Sophie Turner of Game Of Thrones fame will be Princess Charlotte.

The Prince‘s preview has created a lot of drama for royal fans who are upset over the “cruel and unfair” portrayal of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge‘s children.

The cartoon mocks and portrays Prince George as a spoiled and privileged little brat who insults the royal family’s staff members and has no respect for his parents.

In the teaser of the new program, a rude George could be seen meeting his teacher during his first day of school and telling her: “‘You curtsy lower tomorrow if you want to keep your ******* job.”

In another scene, the obnoxious version of the future King of England digs through his mother’s handbag and makes this snarky remark: “I can’t find the hand sanitizer. All I see are prescription bottles.”

Janetti went as far as making a joke about the Prince’s sexuality by claiming that he fancied another pageboy at Prince Harry’s wedding.

Critics and royal backers have slammed the show and reminded the network and Janetti that the meanness might affect George as he grows up.

This social media enthusiast called the show unfunny and added: “Holy hell, this is so wrong and in poor taste. I will be canceling my subscription, which I have had for over 20 years. I also plan to send a letter.”

This royal supporter said the program was disrespectful to William and Kate with this comment: “Imagine being a 54-year-old “man” using the little platform you have to bully a 7-year-old you don’t even know simply because of the family he was born into. I don’t care what your political, religious, or any other beliefs are. Children are off-limits. No exceptions.”

Another fan chimed in to reveal that the mini-series is pretty disgusting and went on to add: “The Crown is one thing. We are dealing with adults who are public persons. Not commodities for the public, but still. Adults who can deal with this kind of crap in a different matter. But this is just disgusting. It is not funny to abuse a child for monetary gains. They are making money off of mocking a child for imaginary traits and faults. How would anyone feel if their child were to be made a mockery on TV? How would that child cope when his peers and mates see him ridiculed on television? This should not be allowed!”

Fans of the royal family are also outraged at Netflix’s drama The Crown.


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