Paige Spiranac, Pro Golfer, Opens Up About Her Real 34DD Breasts And How They Impact Her Game In Viral Video

Golfer Paige Spiranac Breasts Size

Paige Spiranac has finally answered two of the most popular questions in professional golf in recent memory: are her 34DD breasts real and do they impact her game?

A viral YouTube video has provided all the answers that fans were hoping for — yes, they are real, and they also make her a better golfer.

She said that they keep her arms in touch with her body, and she continued: “My boobs are real. I’ve never had my breasts done. They are as real as they could be – they do fluctuate in size a lot. This is just a thing that happens for women.”

The 27-year-old Arizona resident is very proud of her body and is not ready to be shamed. She continued: “My cleavage is always out, I don’t get offended by it when people ask me these questions because I am aware, I’m showing it off in a way.”

The athlete then revealed: “My breasts get larger depending on the time of the month, they can go up two cup sizes. Also, if I gain weight, they get bigger; if I lose weight, they get smaller. For the Sports Illustrated shoot, I lost 17lbs, and my chest dropped a couple cup sizes because of that.”

The Colorado native went on to say: “I do work really hard on my body, I spend a lot of hours in the gym and on my diet, and I’m proud of how my body looks. It’s never an issue; they’re just kind of there. Putting, chipping, really anything else you’re pretty much set.”

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Spiranac also shared: “And actually, I think it kind of helps because my arms are so connected I feel them touching pretty much all the time. So you do feel connected instead of having that excessive space. So I use it to help me.”

The social media personality has developed a real following on the networking sites, and sometimes she even answers fans.

One follower recently told her: “There is no other woman on the planet which can match you in golf or beauty… I have been under your spell since discovering you on the internet… Please stay safe and healthy… We all need your light and beautiful outlook on life for years to come… ”

The golfer went pro in 2015 and has won only won the Scottsdale’s Orange Tree Country Club.


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