Hillary Clinton Skips Makeup And Pantsuits For A Powerful Photo To Make A Point — Former Secretary Of State Also Explains The Reason For Her Daring Move

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Hillary Clinton has joined the long list of female celebrities who have decided to bare it all, no makeup, no gimmicks, no filters in order to make a point or to put the spotlight on an important cause.

This week, Barack Obama‘s former secretary of state took to social media, where she surprised a few by posting a picture of herself.

Clinton, who is taking part in self-quarantine, can be seen in the photo wearing a mask. The word vote is splashed in big black bold letters on the front.

The Democratic politician and public speaker made sure to reveal that she had no makeup and opted not to wear any of her famous pantsuits for the photo to make her point.

The ex-United States senator from New York used the caption to rally the troops and to encourage them to make their voices heard by voting.

Clinton also advised Americans to practice social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic when they step out to perform their civic duties to elect new leaders for their states, Washington, and the White House.

The former first lady of the United States wrote: “No makeup? No pantsuit? No problem. I’ve got the must-have accessory for spring. I’m wearing a mask (and voting!) for my country, my community, and my grandchildren. #MaskingForAFriend

Many Democrats, who backed Clinton in the 2016 presidential election against Donald Trump, have praised her daring move to get out the vote.

The diplomat inspired this kind of message: “THE TRUE PRESIDENT!!!! This disgusting nightmare will hopefully be over soon, and the world will be once again TRUE BLUE!!! 💙 DEMOCRATS GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!”

Another liberal reached out to say the following: “America needs you – we need you right now!!! I’m so embarrassed by our president – how anyone could vote for him I will never know.”

The accomplished writer and attorney received this positive note from a female voter: “Beautiful, influential, purposeful, intelligent, humorous, dedicated, focused, resilient, nurturing, loving, potential maximizing, phenomenal leader, and inspirational human you are. How lucky and honored we are to share this time in history with you. 🙋🏻 If you were our president, fewer people would’ve died from Covid-19. ❤️😭”

Clinton recently appeared at a virtual “Women’s Town Hall,” where she endorsed the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and addressed the global health pandemic that hurt the United States more than any country in the world, with over 65,000 deaths.


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