Young Nurse Wears Bikini Under Completely See-Through PPE Gown While Working At The Hospital In Viral Photo — She Gets Suspended But She Has A Clever Defense

See-Through PPE Gown Russian Nurse Photo

During the worldwide health crisis, one nurse has found a way to captivate, not by doing her job or saving lives — but by wearing a completely sheer PPE gown that revealed her panties and bra.

A picture of the hot nurse that was taken while she was working with several patients at the Tula Regional Clinical Hospital went viral.

The medical center is located at Tula, 100 miles south of Moscow in Russia. Despite the fact that a 20-year-old nurse opted to walk around in a completely see-through PPE, she made sure to wear a protective suit, gloves, and goggles.

Believe it or not, the naughty nurse was working in a COVID-19 ward when the viral photo of her barely-there attire was taken. Also, it was noted that the unnamed nurse was working in the all-male coronavirus patient wing.

The woman’s decision not to wear clothing to her shift was not taken lightly because the heads of the hospital have decided to suspend her.

According to local media, the nurse had many explanations to defend her decision to don transparent personal protective equipment to her job.

She claimed that she was hot; she also stated that she was not aware that see-through PPE had revealed her underwear.

The nurse also corrected the hospital that claimed she was wearing lingerie underneath her gown, showing through the PPE. The nurse explained that she was actually wearing a bikini under the PPE.

The seductive nurse also told her superiors that no one complained about her eye-popping attire.

The hospital administration did not care about the bathing suit story and decided that she would be punished for “non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing.”

The regional health ministry confirmed in a brief statement that “a disciplinary sanction was applied to the nurse of the infectious diseases department who violated [uniform] requirements.”

The health care worker has not yet publicly spoken about her provocative attire. Many people took to social media to comment on the story.

An Instagrammer shared this comment: “The man on the left is like, “you see what I’m seeing? Are we dead? Is this heaven”?”

This social media user wrote: “I’ll be willing to risk it all through this pandemic 😩😂😂😂💀😭😭💯.”

Another commenter made this remark: “Lol, the old guy in the background says it all, keep her naked 😂.”

Some people have suggested that the camera might have complicated the see-through angle for the nurse.


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