Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris Is Still Shading T.I.’s Side Chick Asia’h Epperson On Social Media

Asia'h Epperson Tameka 'Tiny' Harris T.I.

Asia’h Epperson is getting a verbal beatdown from Tameka “Tiny” Harris every day.

Over the weekend, Tiny took to social media where she lashed out against the woman who was caught cheating with her husband, T.I.

Usually, Tiny would like other people’s comments bashing Asia’h, but this time, she shared a post about her zodiac sign — cancer — and did a lot of humble bragging.

The Xscape singer said she was unpredictable and a wild card who could lash out at any given time.

Tiny boasts of being a great lover who can take the hits from haters, naysayers, and side pieces.

Her message read: “Why I love being a cancer. We are unpredictable. am I going to cry am I going to curse you all?
I guess you won’t know. Cancer are badass because we wear a heart on our sleeves and we constantly take punches and the bullets people throw at us. ”

She added: “Yeah, sometimes we hide away when she hits the fan but you bet your bottom dollar that us cancers going to come back 10 f****** times stronger. We are amazing lovers the best of friends, and we make the best chocolate cookies for you when Significant Other breaks your heart and when you come running to us because we knew how to deal with this emotional shit.”

The angry note comes after a source spoke to Hollywood Life and explained that Tiny is considering moving forward with the divorce process.


The family friend said: โ€œTiny is seriously considering giving T.I. his walking papers for good and refiling for divorce. Tiny is hurt and humiliated and embarrassed. She thinks T.I. is in the wrong and needs to stop all the nonsense; he is setting a bad example for his kids. Sheโ€™s taking her time to really consider it, but as of now divorce is very much back on the table, this is very serious.โ€

T.I. and Tiny always have their fans on edge.


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