Tiny Harris Plans To Be Pregnant At 44 — She Will Give T.I. The Baby He Has Been Praying For

Tiny Harris T.I. More Children Future

It seems that Tameka “Tiny” Harris will give T.I. the one wish, he has been praying for since the arrival of their daughter, Heiress Harris.

The rapper turned activist is hoping for another child, and a few days ago, Tiny thought she was pregnant only to discover that it was a false alarm.

T.I. is a fantastic father to all of his children, views them as blessings, and believes that the more, the merrier.

Tiny is currently focusing on her career, (touring with Xscape and releasing new music), and several business ventures; so she is not eager to be a mom again at this very right moment.

According to Hollywood Life, Tiny has opted to meet with a fertility expert and will turn to IVF after freezing her eggs.

The insider explained: “Tiny was actually relieved this week after she thought she might be pregnant again. It was only a false alarm which was good news for Tiny. While she would love more kids with T.I., the timing could not be worse for her to be pregnant with baby number 4. She is super busy with work, her career and has enough on her plate. She as to worry about with little Heiress in her terrible twos and the rest of her children.”

According to the source, T.I.’s sweet reaction pushed his wife to take the IVF route.

The family friend went on to reveal: “He went from being super happy and all excited about being a dad again to sad during the emotional week. He really loves kids and wants as many as possible. He was very sweet to Tiny, consoled her and told her they better get back to work trying to make kids again ASAP.”

Tiny is hoping that around the age of 44 she can have another child. The reality TV star turned 43 on July 14. She knows it can be done after watching Kenya Moore, Halle Berry, and Janet Jackson join the motherhood club later in their lives.

The person claimed: “The way T.I. reacted to this new pregnancy scare has got Tiny really seriously thinking about having another baby with him but now. At the moment, the issue for her is that her career is so hot right now that she’s not sure she feels ready to stop.”

The pal in the know concluded by: “She is now going to visit a fertility expert and find out if it’s possible to freeze some of her eggs so she can do IVF at some point down the road.”

Regardless of what happens, their fans are rooting for them.


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