Matthew W. ER Nurse San Diego California Pfizer Vaccine COVID Coronavirus

ER Nurse, Who Tested Positive For Coronavirus After Getting Pfizer Vaccine, Deletes All Social Media Accounts To Avoid Tiffany Dover’s Situation

Matthew W., an ER nurse at two different hospitals in California, has tested positive for coronavirus after receiving the new Pfizer vaccine’s first dose. Matthew W, who works in San Diego, posted... Read more »
Tiffany Dover Alive Hospital Releases New Video

Tiffany Dover Alive: Hospital Releases New Video Of ‘Missing’ Nurse Who Fainted After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine To Counter Death Hoax And Creates More Confusion

Tiffany Dover, a nurse who had fainted after receiving the Pfizer COVID vaccine, is still sparking rumors that she has gone “missing” or died. Dover, 30, who works at CHI Memorial Hospital... Read more »
Tiffany Pontes Dover COVID Nurse Tennessee

Nurse, Who Fainted In Viral Video While Talking About Getting COVID-19 Vaccine, Is Being Used By People Like Tucker Carlson To Make A Point

Health officials in Tennessee now realize that maybe it was not the best idea to have nurse Tiffany Pontes Dover be one of the first people in the state to get the... Read more »
Caitlin Kaufman Shooting Death Devaunte Hill Arrested Nurse

Man Arrested For Fatally Shooting 26-Year-Old Nurse As She Drove To Work — Suspect Had Many Run-Ins With The Law

A man has been arrested for the murder of Caitlin Kaufman, a 26-year old nurse from Butler County, Nashville, who was killed while driving to work on the evening of December 3rd.... Read more »
See-Through PPE Gown Russian Nurse Photo

Young Nurse Wears Bikini Under Completely See-Through PPE Gown While Working At The Hospital In Viral Photo — She Gets Suspended But She Has A Clever Defense

During the worldwide health crisis, one nurse has found a way to captivate, not by doing her job or saving lives — but by wearing a completely sheer PPE gown that revealed... Read more »
Daniela Trezzi Italy Nurse With Coronavirus Commits Suicide

Nurse With Coronavirus Commits Suicide At 34, Not To Infect Others

Daniela Trezzi, a nurse at the forefront of the coronavirus fight, has committed suicide. Trezzi took her life after it was confirmed that she tested positive for the COVID-19, which has thus... Read more »