‘Dope’ Actor Shameik Moore Says Rosa Parks Should Have Taken A Cab Instead Of Bus In Light Of Latest Cases Of Police Brutality And Racial Profiling

Shameik Moore Rosa Parks Bus

Shameik Moore has managed to make Rosa Parks a trending topic on social media in the middle of a pandemic that killed over 100,000 people in the country and the Minneapolis riots after the death of a black man named George Floyd in police custody.

Moreover, right after the end of the COVID-19 lockdown, observers noticed a sudden uptick in incidents linked to racial profiling. The 25-year-old Dope actor wanted to add his voice to those serious conversations around police brutality and racism in America, and some of his comments have rubbed people the wrong way.

In Moore’s most eyebrow-raising comments, he suggested that the civil rights icon should have taken a cab instead of refusing to go at the back of the bus.

The Atlanta-born entertainer got slammed by famous faces like Reagan Gomez and anonymous critics who did not leave him off the hook either.

The man, who voiced Miles Morales from the movie Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse also said the following on Twitter: “See I have a very strong opinion that the black community hates to hear.. but needs to hear… we need to learn how to deal with police… and or racism… because THIS is the part of the scenario we have failed to fix.”

He continued with: “We have to work on our community before blaming everything on “racist” and police. 1… there is STILL black on black violence that needs to be addressed… and 2.. if we KNOW that the wrong white person could change our whole life with a false accusation …”

Moore did not stop there: “WHY DO WE GIVE THEM THE ENERGY THEY WANT? Give them an inch they WILL take a mile….. We literally know this already. At what point do we look at ourselves and make adjustments?”

The opinionated talent also added: “No one asked for my opinion but it’s 2020, not 1945… meaning I’m more focused on black FUTURES than black history. I personally refuse to feel like a victim… I refuse to have a slave mentality. I don’t not fear for my life because I know how to carry myself in tuff situations.”

One critic replied: “You literally just said “We didn’t know”.. so how the fu*k Rosa was supposed to know ??? Sir have several….!”

A second commenter said this about the Parks remark: “They do anything for clout? Like who is this man fr? Looking to gain relevance I see 🙄.”

As others wondered if he is a closeted supporter of President Donald Trump, a third person chimed in: “I think he’s saying that she should’ve used a Black-owned business instead of infiltrating a white-owned bus company but the point is that she should’ve been able to ride whatever the hell she wanted!”

Moore went on Instagram Live to clear things up and instead put himself in a bigger PR mess.

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