Kate Moss’s Sister, Lottie Moss, Removes Her Top In Photo To Let The Devil Out After Confessing That She Is Happy With The Result Of Her Plastic Surgeries

Lottie Moss Kate Sister Plastic Surgery Photos

Lottie Moss is back on social media, and she is flaunting her sensational curves in a topless photo.

The youngest sister of Kate Moss has had a very tough week, and she has decided to turn the chapter with her latest photo drop.

The stunning influencer posed with no shirt on and only wore a pair of jeans that she left unbuttoned to give a complete view of her perfect figure.

Lottie Moss had her long blonde hair cascading on her back. She leaned on a wall as she looked at the camera seductively.

The influencer used her hands to hide her modesty yet played with the angles to give a glimpse at her beautiful tattoos.

Kate Moss’s sister had this fun caption for the sexy post: “LOL hi.”

Earlier in the week, Lottie captivated her followers by posing in a tight latex outfit while kneeling on the ground.

The model digitally added devil horns to her head and penned this cheeky caption: “The devil” inside.”

Many fans complimented her and said she is the sexiest devil that they have ever seen.

Recently, the influencer surprised her fans with a live video where she opened up about a failed romance, getting plastic surgeries, and her decision to pose nude.

Like Kate Moss, Lottie is not afraid to live dangerously and confessed that she was high while chatting with fans.

She also revealed for the first time that she went under the knife to improve her appearance.

She admitted that she is happy with the changes she made to her body and face and added: “I have had surgery and enhancements. I’ve only had surgery on my boobs. And I’ve had my lips done, and Botox in my forehead and jaw filler, and I had filler in my temples as well because apparently, my head was peanut-shaped. I’m really happy with what I’ve done to my face. I think, ‘Why the f*** not?”

Lottie, who appeared high, went on to explain why she no longer models for companies and has instead opted to sell steamy naked pictures.

She said: “Kind of the reason why I’m not doing the modeling stuff is because I’m doing more nude stuff. I really enjoy it. I think it’s a shame the industry doesn’t kind of fully accept that. I’m not just talking about my agency – I’m talking about the industry as a whole, which doesn’t accept girls that do OnlyFans.”

She also spoke about a mystery man who ruined her weekend in New York. She claimed: “Flew to New York [from Los Angeles] to see a guy, and he ended up being just a bit of an a**ehole, to be honest.”

The young woman has some loved ones worried about the state of her career.


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