Toni Braxton Drops Her Clothes In This Photo To Reveal Her Body After Sweat And Hard Work — But Some Of Her Fans Are Angry Because She Went Too Far

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Toni Braxton seems to have her assets in shape, and she is more than ready for the beach.

However, unfortunately, she will not be hitting the beach anytime soon — she is in isolation because of her fragile health — she is at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19 illness.

Despite being stuck at home, Toni has been showing off her body in a series of photos recently, and it is pretty obvious that she is in the best shape of her life at the age of 52.

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Last night…💜 #GRAMMYs.

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Via the caption, Toni confirmed that she will not be doing that anytime soon, as the star is reportedly still worried about the global situation and the ongoing pandemic, and has been choosing to stay safely at home for the time being.

She joked about the situation by noting that she was “Beach ready, but the beach ain’t ready.”

Of course, her fans would love nothing more than to see her in a skimpy outfit ready for the beach on the other hand — which is why she has decided to strike a nice middle ground recently and has posted a set of photos that show off her body in exactly that kind of attire.

Her post has drawn a lot of attention, with many of her fans praising her for her responsible attitude, while others were, of course, more focused on the visual presentation of the posts.

A few were upset because they say that a living legend like Toni should not be removing her clothes for Instagram.

Toni was told by this supporter to stop dropping her clothes: “No. We want short hair Toni in cover-up honey. Toni does not conform to society. She is classic!!!”

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I’m just shy! 🤣

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A music lover, who seems to be an expert on all things Toni, had this defense: “Toni BEEN gettin’ nekkid in public! lol, I remember when she went topless in VIBE magazine in the 90s, She wore see-thru dresses braless WAYYYY back in the day!”

An Instagrammer said that Toni is grown woman who should do whatever she wants: “Toni doesn’t have strangers dictating what she should wear. In what world? They must be new to this. She is the preacher’s kid who kept her values but goes against hypocrisy.”

Tamar Braxton‘s sister was treated to this kind note: “Living legend and a beauty 🖤🖤🖤 that body is hard work, and she better work it!! It’s not over the top and not under 😅 perfect.”

In any case, Toni is far from the only celebrity to express concerns about the pandemic situation recently, and many have been sharing their own stories about how they have been coping with what is going on.

While it does not look like the pandemic is going to go away anytime soon, the important thing is that many people are on the same page with regards to acting responsibly right now.

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Throwback or Flashback? 🖤

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