Army Vet Luther Yonger, 98, Walks 6 Miles Each Way To Visit Wife Waverlee In The Hospital

Luther Yonger Waverlee Dan Bookhard

An army vet, Luther Yonger, 98, has captured the hearts of thousands after his epic story of love and dedication was shared by a local TV network in Rochester, New York.

No matter the weather, Mr. Yonger walks about six miles each way from his home to the hospital to visit his sick wife, Waverlee.

The brave elderly man told a reporter that the distance is nothing to him because all that matters to him in this world is his wife.

The Korean War veteran and Waverlee have been married for over 50 years.

The caring husband of the year said this about his spouse: “She’s the best cup of tea I have ever had. She would come in and kiss me and say baby and feed me in the bed, and this is what I need right here.”

According to the same interview, Waverlee is paralyzed and battling brain cancer.

Dan Bookhard was driving from the airport when he spotted the man walking on along I-390 in the rain and knew the right thing to do was to offer to drop him to his destination.

Bookhard said: “You see, I’m not humped over like those guys out here – the old guys. My upbringing; when you see somebody elderly when you see somebody struggling, and it’s raining… I just had to pick him up, and I couldn’t be one of the ones who would just drive by.”

Talking Yahoo, the daughter of the couple, Lutheta Younger, said her father walks to stay fit and healthy and added: “My dad always walked always. He says he does it to stay alive. They both live with me. I moved them out of their house, moved them in with me.”

She also revealed that her sister, Joyce Johnson, is taking care of their parents because they did a great job raising and sacrificing for them to have happy lives.


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