Camilla Parker Bowles Had This Bizarre Supernatural Experience Linked To Prince Charles And Princess Diana

Camilla Parker Bowles Prince Charles Princess Diana Supernatural

Camilla Parker Bowles has some surprising beliefs, and they are tied to Prince Charles, and his late former wife, Princess Diana.

Recently, it was revealed that a historic 700-year-old stone manor house that once belonged to Camilla is up for sale.

The Bolehyde Manor, located in the village of Allington, in Wiltshire, England, is now on the market for the hefty sum of £3,750,000, ($4,238,572.96).

The home, which is indeed fit for royalty, it has a gorgeous swimming pool, a tennis court, a treehouse, guest lodging, and impressive gardens.

Inside, the Bolehyde Manor boasts of a drawing-room, wine storage, and has eight bedrooms. It is also equipped with multiple fireplaces.

The grandiose property has a fascinating history. Prince Charles seduced Diana when she was younger at the English manor.

On February 3, 1981, Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana in the gardens of Bolehyde Manor. When Charles and Diana were married, they often visited Camila and her former husband, Andrew Parker Bowles at the Bolehyde Manor.

It is also believed that Charles and Camilla started their lengthy affair in the fancy property. Camilla once lived in the English manor with Andrew.

While the Duchess’ former home is stunning, it is also said to be haunted.

According to biographer Penny Junor, Camilla said there was a ghost in the home, which often sat next to her when she would watch television. Apparently, the ghost would change the channels.

Junor had this to say: “She never saw it, but she could feel it next to her and she would laugh about how she and the ghost always wanted to watch different programs.”

She also shared this other interesting piece of information about Camilla: “Camilla didn’t have the gardening bug when she was growing up but, when they moved to Bolehyde, it became her therapy. Andrew was already a gardening enthusiast. He would say Camilla didn’t do much more than dead-head the roses — and only then because, when he went off to London for the week, he would leave her a list of things to do in his absence. She and her friends used to laugh about the lists — most of which she ignored.”

Prince Charles has emerged a key figure in the British monarchy in those difficult times. The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated his status and he was able to communicate with the country in a very efficient way.

This may help him in the future.


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