President Donald Trump Will Skip The Three 2020 Presidential Debates For This Reason According To This Top Democrat

Donald Trump Joe Biden Debates James Carville

For the past months, President Donald Trump has been taunting Joe Biden for running his campaign from his basement.

Trump bragged about being in public with no mask during the coronavirus, holding rallies, (without his usual massive crowds), and taking part in press conferences where he fought with reporters.

Trump has been attacking Biden by claiming that he cannot string a sentence together because of his age.

Biden has repeatedly proven that he is capable of taking tough questions from reporters and journalists from various networks and agencies and from voters during virtual town halls.

Critics compare this to Trump, who has been sitting down mainly with his favorite network, Fox News.

James Carville recently shared an interesting theory — he believes that Trump fears Biden and might come up with schemes to skip the debates.

Talking about the three 2020 presidential debates that are set to take place in fall, Carville stated: “I don’t think Trump will show up.”

The fiery Democratic political commentator was discussing the election with The 11th Hour anchor Brian Williams.

Carville and Williams used the penetrating piece penned by New York Times column’s Tom Friedman, which tells Biden that he should have some demands before agreeing to any presidential debates with Trump.

Williams stated: “[Biden] should demand Trump to release his tax returns from 2016 to 2018 for starters. And should insist a real-time fact-checking team be hired by the nonpartisan commission and 10 minutes before the scheduled conclusion, this team report on any phony numbers or outright lies either candidate had uttered. James, no one will agree to that; let’s establish that. Who needs debates more this season?”

Carville argued that Biden should debate Trump whenever and wherever he wants.

He stated: “Tom Friedman is a very nice guy, he writes very well about climate. I like to read his columns. But he ought to stay away from writing about politics. Of course, Biden wants to debate Trump. Trump is a doofus dolt. Biden debated Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, who’s the most on-message politician I’ve seen in my life, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar.”

He concluded by: “I saw him the night before, South Carolina. He did very well. [Biden] should debate him without condition anywhere that he wants to. Joe Biden will trounce Donald Trump. What he needs is to be sure to get a picture side by side so you can see how fit and trim Vice President Biden is and what a slob that Trump is. No, Tom Friedman is dead wrong on this. I’m sure that Biden people will be very well briefed to have the debates. I don’t think Trump will show up. I don’t think Trump will get anywhere around a debate with Joe Biden. Joe Biden has debated some of the most articulate, bright, message-disciplined people I’ve ever seen in my life. So, I’m sorry, Tom, I like you, you’re a nice guy, but that was a waste of ink.”

Biden has already agreed to the three fall debates.


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