Sisters Accused Of Stabbing Store Worker, Who Asked One To Wear Mask, Are Held Without Bail

Jayla Jessica Hill Chicago Anti-Masks

A security guard is currently in the hospital fighting for his life after being stabbed multiple times by two sisters.

On Sunday, Jessica Hill, 21, and Jayla Hill, 18, attempted to enter a Snipes shoe store located in West Side Chicago.

The 32-year-old security guard working at the store told the women that masks were required and that they had to use hand sanitizer in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The employee’s simple request led to him being stabbed 27 times in the chest, back, neck, and arms.

According to the police report and witnesses, Jayla was angry by what the guard told her, so she pulled out her phone to record the scene.

She also threatened the 6-foot-5, 270-pound security guard by saying that she was calling someone to “kick his ass.”

When the security guard attempted to grab the phone, all hell broke loose.

During the disturbing assault that was captured on surveillance cameras, one of the sisters could be seen punching the man. The siblings also tried to hit the security guard with a trash bin.

At some point during the fight, Jessica pulled a knife from her back pocket that was hidden as in a comb and repeatedly stabbed the man.

Despite the loss of blood, painful wounds, the security guard managed to hold onto the women until police arrived.

The duo was arrested at the scene of the crime, taken to a nearby hospital where they were treated for minor injuries.

The victim is currently in critical condition at Mount Sinai Hospital. The anti-mask siblings have been slapped with charges of attempted first-degree murder and were ordered to be held without bail by Cook County Circuit Judge Mary C. Marubio.

The judge said: “It’s the complete randomness of this. It’s terrifying. This is just too random and quickly escalating. I can’t fashion conditions that would protect the community.”

Rosalyn Frazier, a manager at the neighboring Rainbow Shops clothing store, spoke to the Chicago Sun-Times about the attack to say: “I’m kind of wary because we often have to tell customers to wear their masks, and they get irate and don’t want to do it. We had a customer the other day that didn’t want to wear a mask, and we needed to call the police. It’s crazy.”

The Hill sisters will have their day in court on November 4.


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