New Video Of Camilla Parker Bowles Leads To Nasty Fight On Social Media

Camilla Parker Bowles Prince Charles Title Debate

No matter what Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall does, there will be people who will criticize her.

Recently, a video interview that Prince Charles‘s wife did on BBC Radio 5’s Emma Barnett Show was posted on social media.

Talking to the host, Camilla was very candid about how she had to adapt to this new life once the coronavirus pandemic forced the world to go in lockdown, travel restrictions were put in place, and everyone had to respect the new social distancing rules.

Camilla Parker Bowles, who has been in quarantine with Charles, Prince of Wales, confessed that she was not a fan of the Internet, but she quickly understood that she needed to get used to this technology to stay connected with her family and the rest of the world.

Duchess Camilla had this to say: “I was hopeless with the internet, and I didn’t even like it either. As I said before, I thought, ‘what an annoying thing,’ you know, it’s doing all these terrible things. But the minute I got into lockdown, and I’ve lived with the internet. We’ve seen family, and we’ve talked, we’ve laughed, we’ve joked, we’ve – you know, we’ve done everything with it.”

In the interview, Camilla also opened up about finally being able to see her children during what can be described as a socially-distanced visit.

Camilla said: “You eventually get to meet them. You’re so excited because you haven’t seen them for three-and-a-half months, and your first reaction is to run up and hug them, and you have to sort of put up your hands. It’s a very odd feeling, and I shall look forward to the day when I can give them a huge hug again.”

Royal fans had a lot to say about the interview, and so did the critics who ignited a verbal fight online. A war of words took place between those who support Camilla and the loyal Princess Diana fans who always stand up for her.

The Duchess of Cornwall was praised by this social media user who said: “It was a real pleasure listening to today’s program. HRH is funny, charming, lovely to listen to, and her empathy and dedication to a range of important issues are so evident.”

A backer of Diana reminded others that Camilla would never get the title of queen. The British supporter claimed: “She will be known as princess consort- Buckingham palace confirmed this when she married Charles 😊.”

This Instagrammer continued with the fight by explaining that they do view Camilla as queen: “Still a queen to the rest of us 🙄.”

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This afternoon in Gloucester, Their Royal Highnesses visited the @turnbull_asser shirt factory who, during the early stages of the pandemic, switched their entire production line to making scrubs for the @nhsenglandldn. 👕🏥 🧵 Having initially closed all their stores and workrooms, a dedicated team of skilled workers, equipped with PPE, returned to work at new machines – brought in especially for the production of NHS scrubs – and reconfigured to accommodate responsible social distancing. Aware that their own production capacity would only go some way towards the PPE deficit, the company decided to open-source their knowledge and learnings by sharing their production know-how and supplier contacts, in the hope that it would inspire and enable others to contribute to the cause. As the pandemic advanced, the company were keen to continue supporting key workers beyond their work shift by donating all profits between 30th April and 7th May to @nhscharitiestogether. 🌈 . 📷 PA

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The war of words went on with this comment: “I don’t think I will ever get over this.” A more nuanced voice tried to bring peace in the conversation by writing: “Sorry. Most people are just so rude about her and the title she will hold. It’s incredibly frustrating.”

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Their Royal Highnesses have begun their annual visit to Devon and Cornwall at Tintagel Castle! 🏰 . The castle is one of more than 270 ancient monuments scheduled by @englishheritage across the Duchy. Spanning the 190-foot gorge, a new footbridge recreates the historic link between the mainland and the island wards, allowing visitors to observe coastal views not seen since the Middle Ages. In crossing the bridge, His Royal Highness became the first Duke of Cornwall in at least 500 years to enter the Cornish fortress, in the way its original medieval builders intended. Legends say that the King of Britain, Uther Pendragon – transformed by the wizard Merlin into the likeness of The Duke of Cornwall – stole across this passageway into the castle where he spent the night with The Duke’s wife, Ygerna, who later gave birth to the future King Arthur. ✨ . 📷 PA

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A sweet note to Cammila said: “Yep, the more I hear her, the more I like her!” This Dianna fan told the Cammila supporter: “As Diana car slams into a column.”

Some fans are asking, will peace and harmony ever reign in the British kingdom?


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