Inappropriate Photos Of Jon Hamm Go Viral For This Unexpected Reason

Jon Hamm Mad Men Actor Bulge Photo Court

The case surrounding an eye-popping picture of Jon Hamm being published by a news site seems to be moving forward, as reports indicate that a judge has ruled that HuffPost did not, in fact, violate any copyright laws by publishing the image on their site.

The image was published under a collection with a title implying that it is something readers would not want to see at all and was focusing heavily on an apparent bulge in the celebrity’s pants.

Judge Ronnie Abrams has now ruled on the case in an official capacity, claiming that the image was used appropriately to illustrate a point that the outlet wanted to make to its readers. With that, it did not violate any laws, nor did it infringe on the copyright of the photographer.

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Abrams wrote: “Here too, the photograph was used to illustrate what all the fuss is about, namely Hamm’s ‘privates’ and the public’s fixation with them.”

While the case was a relatively minor one in the public space, it still managed to generate some controversy and various discussions online.

Many people seem to be divided over who was in the right in this case. Some slammed the site, but others have chimed in to explain that it was perhaps not very fair to judge them based on these silly photos because it does a great job informing its readers on various topics.

Meanwhile, Hamm himself seems to be distancing himself from the discussions as much as possible, and he has not addressed the new developments as of yet.

It would be interesting to see if he has anything to add to the future situation.

There are dozens of photos of the famous actor out and about with his bulge on full display that have his diehard fans drooling, and the iconic star has never commented on them either.

One of his supporters, who is going wild over his looks, said: “I think you’re right. Looks like hammaconda is resting! And Jon Hamm looks like he needs a nap. 😴”

Another social media user shared this theory about the inappropriate photos: “He knows exactly what he’s doing when he goes out like that 😂🤤.”

A passionate backer of Mr. Hamm asked: “Did you see the one where you can really see his bulge? 🤤 😩”

The 49-year-old Mad Men actor recently adopted a dog, so he is not focusing on the case.


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