Shameless Eminem Confirmed Everything He Did With Mariah Carey In This Song; Nick Cannon Will Not Like This

Mariah Carey Eminem 'The Warning' Da Brat

This week, the long-running feud between iconic rapper Eminem and mega pop diva Mariah Carey resurfaced because of a bizarre comment made by one of her friends.

The singer and songwriter is getting ready to release her new memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, in the fall. And Carey’s pal, Da Brat, has decided to give readers a preview of the highly-anticipated biographical book.

During an interview, the rapper from Atlanta brought up the odd romance and embarrassing sexual experience between Carey and the “Rap God” MC. Carey’s brief romance with Eminem has been the topic of many speculations.

And it led to a massive fight/beef between Eminem and Carey’s ex-husband, Nick Cannon. Da Brat attempted to humiliate Eminem by saying this: “He was never actually in bed with her. Let’s get this clear. When you read it, you will see that he prematurely ejaculated when they had all of their clothes on because he was excited that he was with Mariah. There was no s*x.”

Da Brat went on to say that Carey’s book contains more juicy details about her six-month relationship with the rapper. Da Brat was slammed by Eminem’s fans for her revelation.

The stans reminded the world that Eminem revealed every embarrassing detail about his encounter with Carey on the diss track, “The Warning,” released in 2009.

In the song, Eminem made the following revelations: “That made me put up with her psycho as over six months
And only spread her legs to let me hit once, yeah
What are you going to say, I’m lucky? Tell the public that I was so ugly
That you f
ckin’ had to be drunk to fck me?
Second base, what the f
ck you tell Nick, Pumpkin?
The second week we were dry humpin’, that’s gotta count for somethin’
Listen, girly, surely you don’t want me to talk
About how I nutted early ’cause I ejaculated prematurely
And bust all over your belly and you almost started hurling
And said I was gross, go get a towel, your stomach’s curling
Or maybe you do, but if I’m embarrassin’ me
I’m embarrassin’ you, and don’t you dare say it isn’t true.”

A social media user had this comment on the story: “Granny used to say don’t stir in old sht… let it dry up and blow away ….. I feel sorry for people that live in the past….. they have no present or future. Girl focus on your girlfriend/fiancée whatever & your happiness && quit worrying about old sht.”

An Eminem supporter slammed Da Brat with this post: “Ummm, he said that, though. Remember he diss to Mariah? He destroyed her and her hubby to extreme embarrassment. He’s not worried, but she should be. He already told her that if she says anything else, he was gone tell more. You can never embarrass Em. Lol.”

Carey received some praise for not speaking about the matter for all these years. The person shared: “Now I understand why he keeps going so hard on Mariah all these years. He was embarrassed 😂She’s a G for not telling the world long ago!”

A music lover revealed this: “I can’t imagine what he could possibly have to fear after the way he dragged himself on that song. Everybody already knew that he ejaculated prematurely, and she almost threw up, in his own words.”

Some expect Eminem to turn the matter into a joke when the book gets released.


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