Tiny Harris Had This To Say To Erica Dixon And Lil Scrappy After Their Daughter, Emani Richardson, Was Insulted For This Video

Erica Dixon Lil Scrappy Emani Richardson Social Media Haters

The teenage daughter of Erica Dixon and her ex-fiancé, Lil Scrappy, was insulted after she appeared in a funny video that was supposed to bring laughter to millions of fans.

The comments were so harsh that many celebrities, including Tiny Harris and Deion sanders, showed support for the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta stars.

Emani Richardson, like many children her age, has been having fun posting silly videos on social media while she is stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Emani shared a hilarious clip as part of the “Not the Bangyang” challenge, where she is mocking and laughing at her mother, Erica, who loved to wear bangs in the past.

Emani sang the funny song while photos of Erica with memorable hairstyles flashed on the background. Many people laughed while a few penned harsh comments about Emani’s looks and hair.

The young girl has beautiful hair, which she dyed blonde and brown. Mama Erica stepped in to slam the critics. She said: “Lol, everybody that has something negative to say about my child looks like a boogawolf! Next!”

T.I.‘s wife, Tiny Harris showed support for Erica by dropping this comment: “Babygirl hair cute tho…”

Emani’s grandmother, Momma Dee, wrote: “I don’t know what’s going on please somebody’s coming for my kids or my grandkids I will make them wish Bet they were dead.”

A very angry Lil Scrappy posted a video with a lengthy message for those who shared negative opinions about his daughter.

Bambi Benson‘s husband was very affected by the situation and shared a very emotional video that was laced with profanity.

One backer told him: “The crazy part is it was mainly black women in the comments being negative ! Tearing they’re own sista down…. it’s sad honestly. Blessings to you & yours. Tell Emani she’s beautiful ❤️ & the video was indeed funny.”

A second follower added: “That’s why ppl need to mind their own business, adults shouldn’t be out here talking about someone’s child!”

A third person chimed in: “Say that Scrappy! U don’t have to apologize set them str8 I’ll die about mines too and that’s just that on that!”

Deion Sanders added: “Praying for u, my brother. Don’t let these foolz affect your Peace, Joy, and Love. Keep your Peace man and enjoy this wonderful day God has blessed us with. A fool is just a fool when they don’t have a stage. 💯🙏🏿”

Some observers say the Internet limelight might not be ideal for teenagers.


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