R. Kelly Has Allegedly Been Hiding Money In A Childhood Friend’s Account — Fans Say He Worked Hard For It

R. Kelly Not Broke Childhood Friend Account

Even though controversial R&B singer R. Kelly has tried to present himself as broke and miserable, the “Ignition” singer still has money stashed away for safekeeping.

He is even trying to keep it hidden from the public eye, from what Brooklyn prosecutors are claiming, with reports indicating that he has been using the bank account of a childhood friend to hold some of his own money from music royalties.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kelly has continued to maintain that he is broke and having trouble funding his current situation.

The federal prosecutors wrote: “In fact, the defendant continues to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in connection with royalties he is owed for his music. The government’s investigation has revealed that earlier this year, the defendant re-directed those royalties to the bank account of a childhood friend. Regardless of where those funds are being held, however, they belong to the defendant, and, at any time, the defendant can redirect those funds — and future royalty proceeds earned — to an account in his name.”

The Chicago native has also insisted that he should be let out of jail, as he does not pose any danger to the public.

This has been stated to the court by his lawyer, but it does not seem like the courts are too sympathetic to Kelly’s situation so far.

The “I Believe I Can Fly” artist is facing multiple allegations, some of which could result in significant jail time.

He has also gone through some difficult ordeals in the legal system, including an incident where an arrest warrant was issued for him despite the fact that he was in jail at the time.

At the moment, the court is focused on the fact that Kelly has managed to receive “hundreds of thousands of dollars” related to his work, and that money has been funneled into his childhood friend’s account for some time now.

It is not clear if the court is going to try getting to that money or if they are going to focus on the general situation around Kelly and his prosecution. However, that account could change the situation quite a bit.

One critic reacted with: “If they give that dude bail, he’ll pull a Roman Polanski. And anyone who thought he was broke is a fool. That loudmouth lawyer GREENBERG isn’t working for free.”

A Kelly defender replied: “It’s his money to do what he wants with it… He wrote the songs.”

A third observer added: “He is proving he is dishonest but still not sentenced… Shame on our judicial system😢.”

Kelly’s trial in New York is set for May 18, 2020.


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