Devastated Queen Elizabeth Is Thinking About Abdication For This Reason — Prince Charles And Prince William Would Benefit In Different Ways

Queen Elizabeth II Prince William Charles Abdication

At the age of 94, Queen Elizabeth II might be forced to make a significant change in her life due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In all likelihood, the Queen will have to accept the idea that Buckingham Palace is no longer home.

Since the health crisis hit England, out of precaution for the Queen’s health, she and Prince Philip moved to Windsor Castle with their staff members.

It was always assumed that when things settled down, and a vaccine has been found, her majesty would return to Buckingham Palace — but that will not happen according to several royal experts.

It has also been revealed that the Queen was left heartbroken to learn that she might not live in the palace ever again.

Kate Thornton appeared on True Royalty TV, where she made a shocking confession — Prince William and Catherine Middleton might be the ones moving in Buckingham Palace — because they do not want it to remain unoccupied.

Thornton also believes that the dire consequences of the pandemic on the British people might push the Queen to think about abdication, which means Prince Charles would become king.

She explained: “We are hearing rumors that the Queen can never return to Buckingham Palace, that William and Kate will be in there next. The age and stage she is in life, with Prince Phillip. Is it possible that Charles could succeed the throne?”

Royal author Tom Quinn had another opinion on the matter: “She is such a traditionalist, I cannot see her abdicating. She will keep going until she becomes ill or dies.”

Dan Wootton said the Queen was devasted to leave her beloved castle and added: “It is sad that the Queen cannot go back to Buckingham Palace. It is particularly devastating for the Queen, in the twilight years of her life when she wants to keep working. So many things that she loves to do have been taken away from her. She does not want to stay essentially a prisoner at Windsor Castle. It is highly likely that the Queen will not live at Buckingham Palace again.”

Quinn claimed the Queen would be happy to move out of Buckingham Palace for this reason: “I suspect she is relieved. She is so elderly; I find it so hard to believe she wants to keep such a busy schedule.”

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh and their family are spending the summer vacation in Balmoral.


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