Madonna Drops This Video For People Talking About Her Plastic Surgeries As Daughter Lourdes Leon Shows Her Natural Body In Bikini

Madonna Lourdes Leon New Short Film Plastic Surgery

Lourdes Leon and her mother, Madonna, sure know how to grab headlines. The iconic pop star took to Instagram, where she posted a video to tell the critics to stop talking about her plastic surgeries.

Madonna shared a brief clip that features one of her impersonators in a blue shirt, chic glasses, and a hat.

As the Madonna lookalike dances around, a mean message flashes on the screen that reads: “Hahahahah u should be worried about your facelifts, not my spelling.”

The Madonna impersonator told the critic: “Oh my God, just shut the f*** up!”

Madonna captioned the post: “Some Really Good Advice.”

This week, Lourdes shared a new photo to her social media as she soaked up the sun wearing a lime green bikini that showed off her amazing figure.

The 24-year-old daughter of pop icon Madonna was seen in a relaxed photo wearing a lime green bikini two-piece and matching bucket hat as she smiled for the camera while standing outdoors in the sunshine.

She carried a blue beach bag over one shoulder and wore a light touch of makeup as she accessorized with gold necklaces. The string bikini put the model’s cleavage on show, as well as her toned torso, which sported a glistening belly ring.

The photo posted to her Instagram Story was captioned “clapped.”

On her Instagram feed recently, Lourdes Leon — often known as Lola — has been sharing clips and photos from a recent short film for fashion designer Barragán.

The video, which lasts less than two minutes, was shot at a motel in Long Island, New York, by director Mayan Toledano. Lourdes plays the character “Lola” who arrives at the motel wearing a blonde wig featuring the letter “B” for Barragán.

Many fans commented on the resemblance to her mother, Madonna’s classic look of bright blonde hair and striking makeup.

In the confident display from Lola, viewers can watch her modeling various outfits, including a plunging fringe dress and the most risqué outfit of them all — denim mini shorts and a top painted onto her naked body.

As the film continues, viewers become aware that she is being watched by a voyeur at the motel, who is later seen dead on the ground as Lola — this time wearing a revealing red outfit inspired by the 2000s — drags her murder weapon through the snow at the end of the video.


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