Royal Baby Alert: Prince William And Kate Middleton Reportedly Decided To Get Pregnant For This Special Reason

Kate Middleton Prince William New Baby

For several weeks, rumors have been swirling, claiming that Kate Middleton is pregnant with royal baby number 4 after a series of sweet pictures were posted online.

During a brief trip, Prince William was seen getting very affectionate with his wife. The pregnancy chatter was also fuelled by the fact that Kate pulled her old hair trick again.

Royal fans are aware that whenever Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is expecting; she makes changes to her hair to draw attention away from her belly and the weight gain that might appear around her face.

The subtle hair color change made by Kate was noticed by royal expert Aranzazu Santos López, who had this to say: “I have two clues that make me think Kate is pregnant. What are those clues? Look at these recent images of the return to school day. Look at Kate’s hair. It has a different air.”

Those with insider knowledge about what is going on between Duke and Duchess of Cambridge revealed that they decided to have a fourth child while in lockdown for this reason — a royal baby will uplift the British people during the health and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

TV expert in social behavior Judi James shared this theory about the baby news: “After the grim year, the royal firm has had a new royal baby might be just the tonic they and the nation need.”

James went on to say: “Prince William and Kate have worked hard to fill the gap left by the Sussexes and a new baby would establish a sense of continuity and moving forward. There’s no news so far about a second baby for Harry and Meghan.”

Nick Bullen, co-founder and editor-in-chief of True Royalty TV, recently revealed that the royal couple is genuinely in love and has a sense of duty to their beloved country.

Bullen revealed: “They were clearly friends before they were in a relationship. That foundation was set in the early part of the marriage… And I think Kate’s family, the Middleton family, gave William a support network that is somewhat different [than] the monarchy.”

He added: “There’s genuine love. I think Kate and William are genuinely in love and have a really great partnership. If you look at those photographs that we’ve got in the documentary of them in the early years up in Anglesey, this very remote part of the U.K. — they were walking on the beach and laughing a lot. They are [simply] a young married couple.”

Not many royal fans would be surprised if Kate and William’s love of children and their country lead to their decision to have another baby.


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