Fans Bring Up Ex-Boyfriend Nelly After Ashanti Drops This Alluring Video

Ashanti Flaunts Body, Fans Bring Up Nelly

Ashanti is turning on the heat on social media, and some of her fans have decided to remind her ex-boyfriend and rapper, Nelly, what he is missing.

This week, the talented diva sent pulses racing on her Instagram page with a sweet yet captivating photoshoot in her beloved New York.

The actress, who is happy with her natural body, made sure to flaunt it in an adorable pair of shorts that featured Mickey Mouse photos.

The fitness addict wore a white crop top that revealed her impressive abs and gorgeous black bras.

The R&B songstress completed the look with a messy bun, huge hoop earrings, and several chains.

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On the block.. 😜

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Ashanti also let her fun and bubbly personality shine in a brief video where she is dancing and twerking and, of course, showing off her impressive figure.

Ashanti looked so good and so fierce that the conversation in the comment section quickly turned to her former partner, Nelly. The diva and the “Dilemma” rap star dated on and off for over a decade.

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No cap..

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This person decided to focus on the photos and penned a complimentary message that read: “Ashanti looks 20 years old. I love to see this unproblematic queen! 😍 I love your personality. Beautiful inside and out πŸ’›.”

While another of Ashanti’s backer stirred the pot with this comment: “Can we just love this Queen πŸ˜πŸ€€πŸ‘‘Nelly is punching the air. Yeah, have seen robot booty πŸ™„ Nelly, watching this video sweating.”

This Instagrammer dug deeper in Nelly and Ashanti’s private lives and explained: “No, he ain’t. Not waking up to Ms. Jackson every morning. She’s not single. She just doesn’t publicize her relationship. Nelly has been trying to get her back, but she won’t even talk to him. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ”

This amateur relationship expert penned this message that contains an interesting point of view: “If this was her right around the breakup, then yeah, I could see that, but it’s been what almost ten years since they broke up, and he’s with someone that he’s been with for over five years, and she been single for I don’t know how long. The last public guy I’ve seen her date was Nelly. Ashanti is either good by her self or is still looking for the one for her. One thing women must understand about MEN after breaking up if we’re not blowing up your phones, leaving too many damn voicemails, dropping by unannounced, etc., then that man is over you. A real man that wants you will always pursue you NO MATTER WHAT.”

Ashanti has a way of capturing the limelight that cannot be denied.


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