Leaked Conversations Between Leah Remini And Lisa Marie Presley Might Play An Important Role In This Court Battle

Leah Remini Lisa Marie Presley Michael Lockwood Custody Battle

The brutal court battle between Lisa Marie Presley and her ex-husband, Michael Lockwood, has taken another bizarre turn.

In official court documents, Lockwood dragged the Church Of Scientology and Leah Remini into the messy situation.

The musician, who is trying to get custody of his 11-year-old twin daughters — Finley Aaron Love Lockwood and Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood, has decided to use every tactic in the book to get his way.

The father first claimed that because Elvis Presley‘s daughter is part of a controversial religion, it makes it impossible for him to contact or speak to her.

In secret text messages, Lisa Marie, who is known as a fervent Scientologist, has made it clear that her famous estranged spouse is not her equal.

She views him as an “SP” or (Suppressive Person) because they do not share the same beliefs. Lockwood also revealed that his ex-wife has been using questionable methods to scare him.

According to the legal documents, Lisa Marie has resorted to what is described as “Fair Game” or “Fair Gaming” associated with Scientology.

Scientologists used “Fair Game,” which implies “private investigations, character assassination, and legal action” to take down their enemies.

Lockwood made it clear that he wants Remini to be a witness in the case because she was in contact with Lisa Marie, and they discussed various topics linked to the famous church and the ongoing nasty custody war.

The artist said this about Remini in the fillings: “intends to examine Leah Remini about the Chruch of Scientology, some of the Church’s practices and beliefs, the Church’s treatment of those who oppose it or expose it, the technique of “Fair Game” or “Fair Gaming” employed by Scientologists, and the sexual abuse allegations made by (LMP) against Lockwood as communicated to Ms. Remini by (LMP.)”

It is not known how Lisa Mary’s ex became aware of the alleged private discussions between Remini and the mother of his children.

The actress has been on a crusade to expose the church via various programs and interviews. Numerous text messages shared between Lisa Marie and her daughter, Riley Keough, in 2016, will also be fair game in the trial.

Lockwood also claimed that he is concerned for his daughters after Lisa Marie’s son, Benjamin Keough, shot and killed himself in her home.

He stated: “In the light of the tragic and devastating event, it would not be surprising for (LMP) to relapse into drug or alcohol use despite her alleged three years sober. The death of a child is among life’s most traumatic events.”

There are reports indicating that Lisa Marie is no longer part of the Scientology church, and like Remini, she has spoken against their practices.


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