New Photos Of Melania Trump Enrage Some Americans

Melania Trump No Mask Virginia Arlington National Cemetery Veterans Day

Melania Trump stepped out of the White House this week to commemorate a somber moment. She has enraged some Americans with her decision to ignore the protocols in place due to the ongoing health crisis.

The former model joined her husband, President Donald Trump, for a wreath-laying ceremony at Virginia’s Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day.

The First Lady of the United States was photographed walking in the rain, wearing a dark grey coat and black high heels.

Despite having her husband next to her, Melania tightly linked arms with one US serviceman. Melania, who battled COVID-19 not long ago, left many voters baffled by not wearing a mask.

The president, who was sick with the virus, Vice President Mike Pence, and second lady Karen Pence attended the ceremony without a protective face covering.

Note that in April, Melania asked the American people to wear face coverings during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Melania Trump President Donald Virginia's Arlington National Cemetery Veterans Day

People are further angered because Arlington tweeted from its official account on Wednesday that all visitors are required to wear masks while on cemetery grounds due to the novel virus that has pushed many countries to go in lockdown for the second time this year.

A series of tweets put out by Arlington National Cemetery’s official account read: “Memorial Amphitheater and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier are currently closed to the public. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the @DeptVetAffairs and its partners will conduct the ceremony in accordance with @CDCgov and state and local government guidelines.”

Melania Trump Virginia's Arlington National Cemetery On Veterans Day

They went on to explain: “All visitors are to follow social distancing requirements and wear face coverings while on cemetery grounds. Anyone not having a face covering in their possession at cemetery entry points will not be granted access to the cemetery.”

A fed-up voter had this remark to share in the comment section: “A real loser that comes together with what he calls “losers.” All of them buried there didn’t have a father that could pay for bone spurs.”

An angry American said POTUS and his entourage were disrespectful and added: “What incredible disrespect to those who waited in the rain, saluting, wearing masks. He does not follow ANY norms of respect for Americans he claims he wishes to serve. Blasphemous!”

Another person lashed out, saying: “He desecrates the ground he walks on! It’s like he is thumbing his nose at the suckers & losers as he calls them! How disrespectful.Shame on you for allowing the administration that is on the way out the door to be an exception to your rules!”

This confused social media user called out the administration: “Only draft dodger who called military “losers” along with Mike Pence was allowed to enter without the mask. No one is above the law.”

The Trumps have not recognized Joe Biden‘s victory in the November 3 election.


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