Kate Moss’s Sister, Lottie Moss, Shares Steamy Video With Her ‘Wife’ Sahara Ray While Wearing Sheer Lingerie — Fans Slam Her For Misbehaving Again

Lottie Moss Sahara Ray Wife Photos

Lottie Moss shared a video kissing her friend, Sahara Ray, as the two played around together during a photoshoot this week in LA.

The two friends were in Los Angeles and appeared to be in the middle of a lingerie photoshoot when they took a break to explore some of the newer Instagram filters.

After using the “What kind of lesbian are you?” filter, the younger sister of supermodel Kate Moss appeared less than happy to see “Trader Joe’s lesbian” pop up as the answer.

Sahara Ray first shared the video to her Instagram story, tagging Lottie Moss and calling her “wife.” It was then reshared to Lottie’s story for her 325,000 followers to view.

Both women were wearing white lacy lingerie and seemed happy and giddy as they messed around with each other during their downtime.

Many fans found the steamy video very captivating, while a few critics stepped in to say the pair is wrong to be misbehaving in the midst of the pandemic.

One fan stated: “Omg!! Can you tell me if you’re going on Saharas onlyfans, so I can pre-book myself an ambulance, 😮😮🔥🔥😂🚀🚀🚀😍 ripme x.”

This social media user had this to say: “So hot, I would follow you to the ends of the earth, ❤️❤️just to watch the sunset in your eyes.🔥”

A critic bashed Lottie Moss by explaining: “Can’t believe you’re doing this when captain tom is in the hospital dying. Utter scum. You influencers have blood on your hands.”

Lottie Moss has recently been to Mexico, a trip she claimed was for work purposes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She was spotted with friends on a boat trip, where the group was drinking and dancing together and relaxing on loungers in the sunshine.

Moss is currently living in Beverly Hills and working on a range of modeling projects, including with the fashion brand Pretty Little Thing.

Last December, she faced public backlash when she was seen out in London with a group of friends, despite the lockdown restrictions in the city at the time.

However, as she lives alone, Lottie Moss is permitted to have a “support bubble,” and it was not known whether the other people were from her support bubble.

On 29 January, Lottie Moss posted to Instagram to share a “quick reminder” that bodies look different, as she criticized Internet users who make negative comments about her body and others.


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