Beyoncé Finally Addresses End SARS Protests In Nigeria After Getting Called Out Over Her Silence — Jay-Z’s Wife Claims She Was Working Behind The Scenes

Beyonce End SARS Protests Nigeria

Beyoncé is finally joining the End SARS movement after days of pressure on social media from fans and foes who were portraying her as hypocritical.

The mother of three took to Instagram late Tuesday to let the world know that she is joining the demonstrations, at least virtually. The movement was started by Nigerian activist and realtor Segun Awosanya.

#EndSARS (End Special Anti-Robbery Squad) is trying to end police brutality in Nigeria, especially in the Special Anti-Robbery Squad that has been linked to many abuse cases.

39-year-old Beyoncé incorporated many elements from African culture in her recent releases, and for many people, if she can profit from the good, she can stand up and help fix the bad.

People close to Jay-Z‘s wife argued that she was working for change behind the scenes, but obviously, the position was no longer tenable, and her silence was deafening.

After the Black Is King artist made her move, one commenter stated: “🐝🐝🐝 We Stan a Queen. Shameful how self-hate makes people bash their own allies. When has she not stood up for equality? #youtriedit.”

Another backer chimed in: “The fact that she had to post what she’s doing to satisfy you all 🤢 I’m sure she’s made many moves in private it’s one thing to post about it she’s actually putting in the work. You all feel better now?”

This observer stated: “I am still not able to fully comprehend what is going on. I am still crying because I don’t understand how such evil exists in this world. My Nigerian brothers and sisters, I stand with you 🇳🇬 🇯🇲 #endsars.”

Many celebrities in America like politician Hillary Clinton, rapper and aspirant presidential candidate Kanye West, pop music princess and beauty mogul Rihanna, female hip-hop star Nicki Minaj, and reality TV star NeNe Leakes all did the same.

Earlier in the day, police opened fire on protestors after 12 days of anti-police brutality protests.

Trevor Noah addressed the matter on The Daily Show via his “If You Don’t Know Now You Know” segment.

The comedian stated: “This issue isn’t just unique in the U.S. Whether it’s U.S. police targeting Black Americans or Nigerian police targeting other Nigerians, police know they can abuse their power without any ramifications because the people they arrest don’t have the power to respond.”

He continued: “The only time Nigerians get united is if their team’s playing the World Cup or they’re shitting on other countries.”

While alluding to what is going in America with President Donald Trump‘s message and views on Black Lives Matter, Noah added: “It’s amazing how around the world, ‘law and order’ seems to be code for beat the shit out of these protestors.”

The movement has now gone global, and millions of Nigerians are placed under curfew.


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