Sam Heughan Made This Revelation About The Racy Scenes With Caitriona Balfe In ‘Outlander’ Season 6

Caitriona Balfe Sam Heughan Outlander Season 6 Scenes

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed many things, including the steamy love scenes between Outlander co-stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe.

In a new interview, Heughan shared some good news and some not so happy news. He confirmed that they have started filming season six of the historical drama series amid the health crisis, which means that there are tons of COVID-19 safety protocols in place to keep the cast and crew safe.

During a virtual appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan, Heughan laughed while explaining how hard it will be to film racy scenes with Balfe while practicing social distancing.

Heughan said it would be tough to film the racy scenes and added: “Obviously with COVID, things have been delayed but we are definitely, definitely gearing up. I’ve been in a few times for costume fittings. We’re going to have to adapt. We’re going to have to look at a new way of working around it, but we’re getting there. I’m excited to go back to work.”

He said the safety protocols on the set would make the love scenes awkward and further revealed: “I guess I’ve got to stay two meters apart from my co-stars, so that could provide some really interesting love scenes. We’ll see!”

Heughan confirmed to Ryan Seacrest that the love scenes are an important part of the show, and they will find a way to get them done.

The actor explained: “As far as I know, I hope so. It is an integral part of it.”

Fans, who are eager for the new season to begin, have taken to social media to talk about their favorite characters and lust over the famous love scenes.

A fan of the Starz series said: “Can’t wait to see more of Frasers!! 🌚🌚We’re having withdrawals!!! Your fans need our next Outlander season asap! :)”

This newcomer is already asking for more: “Just finished season 5, didn’t hear about the series until a few weeks ago. Everything about it is marvelous! Thank you for the wonderful love scene performances! Can’t wait to see season 6! Best of luck wherever your projects take you.”

This TV viewer claimed: “Just finished binge-watching all five seasons tonight ……come on season 6! I feel like I just went through a break up 😂 come back to me!😆”

The Outlander star will also team up with Celine Dion and Priyanka Chopra Jonas for a new romantic drama titled Text For You.


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