Eminem’s Fans Destroy This Famous Rapper For Making Disrespectful Comments About The ‘Lose Yourself’ Artist

Eminem Benzino Diss Joe Biden Donald Trump President

A feud that began in 2003 has been reignited because Benzino cannot stop talking about Eminem. This week, Eminem was busy lending his voice and music to Joe Biden.

The legendary artist, who is very protective of his craft, publicly endorsed Biden in a poignant ad featuring his 2002 mega-hit song, “Lose Yourself,” used in his critically-acclaimed movie, 8 Mile.

Benzino, who has been going at it with Eminem, decided to drop a series of disrespectful tweets where he called him every awful name in the book, including “kkkrakkker and King P*ssy.”

He also claimed that many of Eminem’s fans are die-hard Donald Trump supporters. The reality TV star started his rant by insulting the Stans by saying: “Face it, stans; y’all will always be hip hop goofiest most out of touch fan base straight bozos.”

He later claimed that the people, who back the Detroit MC, are “ugly krackkkers” and added: “All Stans are ugly awkward puss*es that aren’t accepted rent-free black culture because of how goofy and out of touch they are in the streets. Kkkkrakkkrrrs have nobody else to talk about. They wanna feel like they are part of something. they look stupid asf.”

Benzino went on to attack Eminem’s writing and rhyming abilities by saying: “All they do is worship a corny tailed park trash kkkrakkker who puts words together and knows nothing about our culture. He rhymes masturbator with elevator, and all the corny white people go crazy, they goofy as. He dresses in drag, let’s men out their bare ases in his face.”

He concluded his long list of insults with this message: “How many of you bitch as Stans are voting for Trump?I love it, Stans, yall and Shaq the coon keep me popping on Twitter…great job pusses…I live rent-free in all you hillbilly, redneck Stans head!! I’m the n-gga u luv to hate.”

Eminem has a group of passionate fans who did not hesitate to destroy Benzino forcing him to delete most of his wild tweets.

One of those supporters laughed at Benzino for attempting to erase his words from the Internet.

The Stan wrote: “We trolled this man so much; he started deleting Tweets.”

Most observers are wondering what pushed Benzino to go on this rant at this specific time. It will be interesting to see if “The Real Slim Shady” artist responds in an aggressive way.

He has tried to avoid big feuds in recent years.


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