Kristin Cavallari Is A Liberated Woman In Sheer Outfit As She Bares Her Truth About Her Divorce

Kristin Cavallari Divorce Jay Cutler Kelly Clarkson Interview

After Kristin Cavallari announced her decision to leave Very Cavallari, many of her fans started speculating about the possible reason, and various theories were being thrown around.

However, it does not seem like most people were close to the truth, as Cavallari has stated in a new interview with Kelly Clarkson that her true motivation was tied to her three children.

Apparently, she was getting more and more concerned about them seeing her divorce from Jay Cutler on television, and she wanted to maintain an air of privacy around herself during that time.

Cavallari stated that the decision was not an easy one to make, and she had to deliberate over it quite a lot before finally committing.

However, in the end, the reality TV star and businesswoman also claimed that choosing this path has been an immense relief to her, and she has been able to move on with her life much more calmly after that.

She confessed to the singer turned television host: “I was getting a lot of anxiety about it. My life has changed very much. I have three little kids and even though I am from the reality TV world, I’ve always, sort of, kept my life somewhat private in a sense and kept the cameras at arm’s length.”

She went on to speak about her decision children to protect her children at all cost: “I wasn’t going to expose my divorce on camera and have my kids see that one day. So, I decided to walk away from it.”

It is not clear what will happen to other potential TV projects at this point, given the fact that they do not make much sense without Cavallari.

But this also does not seem to be a major concern for her, as she has been paying more attention to her own private affairs behind the scenes.

Fans are saying that hopefully, she is able to find happiness in the long term, as it does seem like she is struggling quite a bit right now with the situation around her.

Many of Cavallari’s supporters have also expressed their interest in following any future developments on that front if she is willing to share.

Cavallari has been busy on social media, promoting her various companies using pictures that confirm she is a liberated woman.

She turned heads in a sheer and backless dress and made jaws dropped, wearing just the bottom half of a white bikini.

Cavallari also captivated many in a sheer blouse with no pants on.


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