Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle Might Have A Face-To-Face At The Next Wedding Of The Year

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The wedding of the year is set to take place soon, and it might include a somewhat awkward face-to-face between Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton.

In 2022, Victoria Beckham and her husband and former soccer star, David Beckham, will organize their son’s multi-million dollar wedding.

Their son, Brooklyn Beckham. was forced to push back his wedding to 2022 due to the ongoing pandemic.

The young photographer is set to marry American actress and heiress Nicola Peltz whose father and tycoon Nelson Peltz is a billionaire.

The wedding is already being billed as one of the biggest events of 2022 where la crème de la crème of British and American societies will be present.

The former Spice Girls has a tough dilemma — how to have the “feuding” Cambridges and Sussexes at the lavish ceremony.

The power couple attended both their royal weddings, and Victoria has become a close pal of Meghan’s. She also has a friendship with Prince William and Kate, which is why she is in a complicated situation.

There is a real rift between William and Harry, and it is unclear how they will ever fix the situation.

Multiple credible royal sources have reported that the brothers do not really speak since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down from their royal duties and moved to California.

The world would definitely tune in to see Kate and Meghan have the fashion face-off of the decade at the epic wedding.

Robert Lacey recently spoke about the fact that Kate and the former actress are not real friends.

The royal historian told the Daily Mail: “Meghan and Kate actually got on rather well from the start. They might not be best-buddy material, but they found themselves, sister-outsiders in their extraordinary royal situation, and both of them cool professionals, treating each other with mutual respect.”

He added: “Each was far too canny to make an enemy of a prospective sister-in-law – it only made sense to be friends. The fundamental conflict was between the two males who had known each other all their lives and had never hesitated to tell each other exactly what they thought and felt.”

Royal fans have a lot to say about the wedding’s potential guest list.

A social media user explained: “William is the only one able to grant you a knighthood, David. Remember that. Victors, you will have to dress Markle for free. Remember that.”

This person chimed in to call out the Beckhams over their so-called predicament: “This just proves how out of touch the Beckhams are!! If this is the biggest problem that they’re facing, then they need a reality check!! This is the same Victoria Beckham, who refused to furlough her staff and expected taxpayers to do it instead. She’s worth £300+ million; her fashion label hasn’t made a cent profit in all the years that it’s been going, and only after the media exposed how she was expected us to pay her staff during the lockdown did she only then give in to pay her staff their salaries.”

Supporters are anxious about all of this drama.


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