Kate Middleton And Her Husband, Prince William, Look Angry In This Picture Because Too Many Royal Traditions Were Broken That Day

Prince William Kate Middleton Harry Meghan Markle Archie Christening

Saying that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are different would be an understatement.

While Kate was groomed for years for all the challenges of being part of the royal family, Meghan only had a few months to learn and adapt to the many rules and protocols.

Kate did not ruffle any feathers after marrying Prince William, whereas Prince Harry‘s wife decided to do things her way.

Case in point — the christening of their children. It has been revealed that Kate was left confused by the manner that Meghan and Harry decided to handle Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor‘s christening.

Kate abided by the unwritten royal rule book when it came to their children — Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis — the former actress took another route for the event.

Archie Christening Prince William Kate Middleton Drama

The Sussexes opted for a private gathering and released a few pictures to the media.

Talking to The Sun about Archie’s christening’s photos, royal expert Judi James made this remark about Kate’s posture in one of the pictures that were published: “With a very relaxed and jolly-looking Camilla down one end of this pose, Kate sits at the other looking oddly self-diminished and prim, with her arms pulled into her torso and a part-smile on her face.”

In the new book, Battle of Brothers by Robert Lacey, Judi said this about the signals that Kate and William were giving in the awkward family photo: “Given all the rift rumors, the rather ‘ready to flee’ tension in her pose could be seen as awkwardness, but it could also show a desire to lower her own status signals and not upstage the happy couple. Prince William appeared to be pulling a self-protective barrier pose”.

The royal expert revealed that William was also angry by Harry’s decision to keep the identities of Archie’s godparents secret.

Prince William Kate Middleton Archie Christening

Note that the godparents are called sponsors. The author went on to explain: “Secret sponsor’ has a dodgy sound to it. And it is an ingredient of Britain’s representative monarchy that the people should have the right to know who is giving moral guidance to their possible future king or queen.”

He continued: “Friends’ of William suggested that the future king, only five places clear of Archie in the order of succession, could not comprehend how such a basic matter of constitutional principle had been misunderstood. How could any new Windsor royal be christened in a meaningful sense without the newcomer’s sponsors being known, if not present? What does such bizarre and paranoid behavior indicate about the parents involved? One thing we may conclude is that Harry and Meghan had developed an exaggerated idea of their own importance.”

Harry and Meghan had a lot of drama behind the scenes before exiting their functions as royals.


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