Reba McEntire And Rex Linn Make Their Romance Official With Sweet Pictures As It Is Revealed The Surprising Effects That He Has On Her

Reba McEntire Rex Linn Sweet Pictures Together

According to recent photos, Reba McEntire could not be happier in the company of her current partner, Rex Linn.

Apparently, the famous country singer and actress is passionately in love with her boyfriend and even described the relationship as “magical” and felt “butterflies whenever she hears his voice.”

Besides, people close to the new celebrity couple have stated that not only was Reba “absolutely smitten by Rex,” she thought, “he’s just fabulous and such a sweetheart.”

But she also appreciated the refreshing romance with someone who was “such a caring and understanding man.”

The person in the know insisted that the country legend gets “butterflies whenever she hears his voice.”

The two lovebirds reportedly started dating at the beginning of the year. Still, unfortunately, they were separated for months because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic crisis and were forced to continue their relationship from a distance.

However, the 65-year-old country star was finally able to get together with the CSI: Miami actor in October, as they met in Montana.

Reba has apparently been feeling down over stepson Brandon Blackstock‘s recent divorce from Kelly Clarkson, and her new beau has been helping her cope with the situation.

The source revealed: “He’s helped save her from her struggle with anxiety and depression during the pandemic. She opened up to him about her devastation. [Rex] is full of good, constructive advice.”

According to some friends of the two celebrities, the 63-year-old acting star and the “What If” performer were practically made for each other because they were both from Oklahoma, and besides sharing “fun conversations about their past and their careers,” they also had a lot in common, and Rex was even proclaimed to be Reba’s biggest fan.

In addition, since Rex was an actor, he was used to being in the spotlight and understood “the downside of fame” very well, and he was able to provide Reba with the emotional support that she needed, especially during the pandemic, when she was struggling with anxiety and depression.

The insider shared this interesting tidbit: “As an actor, Rex understands the downside of fame. He’s nowhere [near] as big of a star as Reba, but she likes [that] there is no competition or clash of egos, and he loves her music!”

The family friend concluded by: “Reba can’t remember feeling so strongly about a man. Reba and Rex have been dating for longer than anyone knows. They’re totally head over heels in love.”

Rex and Reba first met in 1991 and kept in touch over the years.


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