Matthew Perry Looks Unrecognizable And Disheveled In Rare Photo After ‘Friends’ Reunion On Social Media

Matthew Perry Friends Star Disheveled Rare Photo

It has been a while since fans and observers last heard anything about Friends star Matthew Perry, as the actor has mostly been maintaining a low public profile in recent years.

And judging by some of the pictures that have come out of him recently, it could be because the star has been out of his element for the most part.

Perry was recently spotted out and about with a mystery woman, and fans were able to snap photos of the iconic TV star.

However, he seems far from happy and excited in those shots. In fact, some have pointed out that this was probably the worst condition supporters have seen Perry in so far.

It is not the first time the actor has been spotted looking down, but some of his fans have pointed out that the recent shots have really portrayed him in a negative light.

It is not clear if this was just a momentary thing, or if it is indicative of something more problematic under the hood.

However, Perry definitely does not seem like himself in some of the viral images that observers have seen so far.

The 50-year-old actor had previously admitted that he had gone through some very problematic periods in his life, struggling with substance abuse and going down the wrong road.

He had even stated that he could not remember a large portion of his work on the famous TV show, much to the shock of his followers.

It is not known if these issues are still haunting him, or if Lizzy Caplan‘s former partner is dealing with something else beneath the surface, but his situation definitely does not seem good, all things considered.

Some supporters did not like the fact that the pictures were splashed all over social media. One of them stated: “And people say why he isn’t joining Instagram. Maybe all these comments about how old/awful/sad/.. he looks simply upset him! STOP it people and just support him.”

A second follower wanted to be a bit more hopeful and wrote: “He’s fine guys he’s recovering and his 5 wonderful friends are helping him.”

A third backer went in the same direction and added: “never cared what people said about Matthew but I always support him .”

Perry faced some health issues in 2018 and spent three months in the hospital. However, he had resurfaced last month in a Friends cast reunion photo with Jennifer Aniston last month.


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