Kristin Cavallari Is Body-Shamed For Posting Daring Bikini Photo Where She Is Twinning With Her Daughter

Kristin Cavallari Body Shamed Again

Business owner Kristin Cavallari recently went on a brief vacation with her family. The former The Hills star took to social media, where she gave a sneak peek of her family gateway with a very cheeky picture that attracted some fans and a few body-shamers.

Cavallari shared a viral Instagram photo where she and her 5-year-old daughter, Saylor James Cutler, are wearing beautiful matching bathing suits.

The mother and daughter took the photo as they walked hand in hand, watching the waves roll in.

The Uncommon James founder, who is a workout enthusiast, put her perky backside on full display in a black-and-white striped bikini.

As for Saylor, she looked adorable in a one-piece swimsuit that featured the identical black and white stripes as her mom’s bikini.

The 33-year reality TV star captioned the snapshot: “Forever twin. 👯‍♀️”

Reactions to Cavallari’s twinning post were surprising, mixed with some fans loving the sweet daughter/mother moment. She also received a ton of praise for her stunning figure.

However, some people on her social media page decided to criticize her for her shape in the sexy swimsuit. Body-shamers attacked the mom of three in a harsh way.

A man stepped into the comment section to state: “Hopefully, she doesn’t grow up to become a doorknob like you.”

A second critic shared this remark: “… Maybe Jay doesn’t like a flat a*s after all. Just saying.”

Many of Kristin Cavallari’s fans decided to defend her and to put the man in his place.

A backer wrote: “FFS 4 days before Christmas & you feel like you need to spew sht out of your hole. Grow up. Go wash. Unfollow her if you feel this way. No one likes an ashole. IE: YOU”

Another Instagram user had this to say: “This is the problem with the internet. People like you spew their own self-inflicted hate onto others with no fear of retaliation. In-person, you’d never have the audacity to speak like this cause you know you’d get it. It takes one of two types of people to comment like you: 1) a complete loser or 2) someone who wishes her ex-husband’s you know, what were in your mouth. Either way, she doesn’t care, nor does anyone else. Merry Christmas, loser!”

This follower pointed out: “She may be a lot of things, but a doorknob is definitely not one of them!”

Kristin Cavallari shares three children — Camden, 8, Jaxon, 6, and Saylor, 5 — with her ex, Jay Culter. The couple split in early 2020.

Cavallari is now rumored to be in a romance with comedian Jeff Dye.


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