‘Charm City Kings’ Dirt Biker, Known As “Wheelie Queen,” Charged After Stabbing Death Of Girlfriend On New Year’s Day — The Couple Was Plagued By Domestic Violence Incidents

Lakeyria Doughty Charged Tiffany Wilson Murder

A professional dirt biker has been charged with homicide after allegedly stabbing her girlfriend to death at an apartment in Baltimore.

Lakeyria Doughty, who was known as “Wheelie Queen” after starring in the movie Charm City Kings about a bike gang in Baltimore, was also charged with assault with a deadly weapon and first and second-degree assault — according to a statement by the Baltimore Police Department.

The victim, 33-year-old Tiffany Wilson, had been dating Doughty, but text messages shown to police officers following the incident suggested they had broken up, and Wilson had repeatedly asked Doughty to leave her alone and return a set of keys to her.

The murder was the first in 2021 for the Baltimore Police, who responded to the assault on Stricker Street at around 4:15 a.m. on New Year’s Day. They found Wilson and Doughty in the kitchen covered in blood and pronounced Wilson dead at the scene.

Upon further investigation, detectives found evidence of the assault in the apartment in the form of marks on the walls, blood in the kitchen and on a large knife, and furniture out of place.

The police said in a statement: “Investigation revealed evidence of a physical altercation throughout the apartment, which included displaced furniture, scuff marks on the walls, and hair and jewelry consistent with having been forcefully removed from a person during an assault. The kitchen where the victim was located showed a significant amount of blood evidence and a large knife with suspected blood on the blade and handle.”

There was also evidence to suggest jewelry and hair had been pulled and removed by force. Doughty called 911 during the early hours of the morning to say that she and Wilson were having an argument, and Wilson stabbed herself.

However, when the police arrived, she contradicted her story by saying she had arrived home to find Wilson on the floor with the knife.

Although Doughty insisted she and Wilson were in “good standing” with each other, the text messages on her phone revealed otherwise. Coroners also came to the conclusion that the wounds suffered by Wilson were not caused by herself.

The medical examiner investigators at the scene contradicted Doughty’s claims by saying that the “injury appeared inconsistent with a self-inflicted wound, contradicting Ms. Doughty’s statement to the first responding officers on the scene.”

The Baltimore Police Department said that this was not the first incident between the couple, who had multiple domestic incidents. It is not known whether Lakeyria Doughty has entered a plea.

Police explained that there were numerous prior domestic incidents between the couple.


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