Louise Thompson Apologized For Posting These Scandalous Photos Where She Flashed Her Fans Who Are Angry At Her

Louise Thompson Made in Chelsea Apology

Louise Thompson recently took to social media, where she shared a fashion post that angered many of her followers.

The Made in Chelsea star looked stunning in the photos wearing a polka dot dress with one shoulder and a puffy sleeve.

Louise Thompson completed the look with killer red shoes. Lying on a bed, Thompson flashed her white panties and apologized for it.

In the caption of the scandalous picture, she wrote: “The older I get, the more I realize you don’t need to rely on someone else (or your partner) to be able to wear diamonds… I like to buy myself jewelry as a symbol of my own successes and accomplishments. I’ve always championed bringing your own happiness rather than waiting for someone else to bring it to you, and I’m gonna be treating myself to a couple of newbies to celebrate a hard-working year 😉. ✨✨✨. Ps. Excuse me, flashing.”

An angry fan said: “Are we showing off our knickers, no class luvie?” Another commenter wrote, “gross.”

This critic chimed in: “So you moved from tier four to tier two more important than flashing, I think.”

Louise Thompson also made headlines after she posted some throwback holiday pictures and encouraged others to start being healthy in the new year, insisting that health and weight loss is about consistency and self-esteem, not deprivation and yo-yo dieting.

The fitness enthusiast showed off her toned physique in the photos, posing during a recent trip to the Maldives, where she was joined by Ryan Libbey, whom she has been engaged to for the past two years.

Wearing a pale yellow bikini set, the three pictures posted on Louise Thompson’s Instagram page show the actress standing in front of the water on the island with palm trees and other plants in the background.

She opted for natural makeup and letting her long brunette hair falling around her shoulders and down her back.

In the lengthy caption for the post on her fitness page “Live Like Louise,” the reality TV star tells her followers that long-term weight loss can be achieved and maintained much more easily if you “feel good.”

Thompson credited her own weight loss success — and the ability to maintain the same svelte figure for the last five years — to eating foods that are less addictive, exercising better and smarter, and getting better quality sleep.

She also told followers she had experienced no stress and no dieting, but more fun and more consistency. Thompson says her goal behind her own weight loss five years ago was to feel good, not just to look good.

Although she has been engaged to fiancé Ryan Libbey for two years, there are still no firm plans for their wedding.

Previously, the couple has shared that they are trying to “appreciate each other” more, despite the challenges of quarantining together during the coronavirus pandemic.


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