Lolo Jones Removes All Her Clothes And Jumps In The Snow In This Wild And Raunchy Video

Lolo Jones Snow Clothes Video

Lolo Jones has never been shy about showing off her body to her fans, and a recent Instagram post went in that exact direction, with her displaying her toned physique under the snow with no clothes on.

The hurdler and bobsledder did a promotional video where she is getting undressed and jumping in the snow, and she covers herself with the freezing snow, much to her followers’ shock and amusement.

The 38-year-old athlete was asked if she really wore nothing while in the freezing snow, by one person: “Are you nekked??? wtf?”

The Challenge: Double Agents star had the following to say: “Yes. Teammate let me keep my socks on tho and one glove .”

Another social media user asked the self-proclaimed, “cursing Christian. I’m a sexual virgin”: “What’s worse, this or ice baths????”

Lolo Jones responded by: “This was. Once the snow was on my chest, it was like there was no air.”

The olympian recently made headlines by flaunting her killer abs in photos where she is soaking wet.

As expected, the photos immediately gained a lot of attention, with many people commenting on how well Jones looked and how good of a job she was doing keeping herself in good shape.

The post showed several pictures in a very revealing pose, wearing a green camouflage-print bra and cargo pants, while she was wet from head to toes.

Some fans pointed out that Jones does not often post pictures in this style, and they were hopeful that she would continue on the steamy and wild path as they apparently loved seeing her in such a manner.

Others were simply happy to praise her for her accomplishments with her body and wished her all the best for 2021, expressing their hopes that she would continue to amaze them with similar posts in the future as well.

Jones definitely seems to know what she is doing when it comes to building a following and maintaining it, as she has been very successful at captivating on social media and has been enjoying a lot of attention as a result.

However, her fans were left a bit confused by some of the messages in her recent posts, one of which was a quote from The Hunger Games about running off with somebody.

The stunning athlete has always occupied a unique space online, and she often gets real with her followers.


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